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Kurumi Morishita in Beijing

Kurumi Morishita Official Blog - Original Japanese Date: August 8th, 2013
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

Long retired Japanese AV star Kurumi Morishita blogs about her second visit to Beijing.

I'm currently in Beijing. I'm not here for a movie, rather, I'm here for an independent assignment.

This is my second time in Beijing after my first visit 11 years ago. I'm kinda shocked that in spite of staying at the same somewhat old hotel, the entire neighborhood around it—all those tiny shops and alleys aka hutongs—have completely changed.

I understand that with time, change becomes unavoidable, but I'm still doubtful that this really had to happen. That quaint neighborhood full of real and humble people has become another tourist attraction.

I guess this what happens when tourism from Japan wants to become more involved with cheap deals across the sea, however, people still are grumpy about the prices of things.

Anyway, while in China, I'm unable to log into Facebook and Twitter. Internet in China is heavily regulated (although there are some technical ways to get around it, but it isn't easy). I often receive This page cannot be displayed messages when trying to use the internet. It's very scary here!

Because I can't get on social media at the moment, I won't be able to check nor reply to anyone until the end of the month. Please mail me via my PC email address or iPhone directly. Thank you.

Anyway, I've only been here for two days so far and I'm still planning on what to do for next week along with finding a computer to use.

By the way, an IMAX theater just opened in Beijing with 3D capabilities. My editor-in-chief Inoue is not involved with the movie, but his magazine does have information about it.

*By the way, the desk at the hotel is actually pretty big and it's easy to get work done and I can use my Japanese power cords here. It's a decent room with a TV, but no fridge. Stay tuned.

(Translator's note: Kurumi Morishita always seemed to have had such a bubbly aura in her photoshoots, but her AV productions were generally darker with her taking on sadistic and otherwise grim leads. Her blog reflects this in its serious tone.)

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