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Erika Momotani in Okinawa

Erika Momotani Official Blog - Original Japanese Date: May 20th, 2014
English Translation Published: August 4th, 2014

Japanese AV star Erika Momotani with a burgeoning fan base and seriously good looks blogs about her recent trip to Okinawa.

I was in Okinawa for a photoshoot!

Last week I was in Okinawa for a photoshoot. It was my first time there and I had a blast! I felt the humidity arriving at Naha airport already and it really was hot out there!

Day 1 of the photoshoot was at the beach. The weather was fine when we were shooting the package art, but it turned sour with lots of rain right before actual shooting was planned to begin. I ate a lot of yams while waiting.

This was my first time ever having sex on the beach and it felt so liberating! After that we returned to the hotel where I filmed a more private erotic scene and that was how our first day of filming ended.

For dinner, I was invited to eat at a very fancy Okinawan restaurant. What do you all think of the food on the right? Crazy, isn't it? (Translator's note: pictures are posted on Erika Momotani's blog) It actually is a whole variety of sata andagi.

My favorite kind of Okinawan food is Jimami Tofu and I love stuffing it in along with many other kinds of food from this part of Japan.

Our second day of filming was in the studio. After having sex, the director, Manhattan Kimura, mentioned that I have really improved as an AV star! This made me incredibly happy. There were some incidents during my previous two shoots with him so I'm really glad this one went off without a hitch.

However, what I am most happy about is how all my fans keep embracing my work and making me more and more popular. I am really thankful for that. I know I still have some distance to travel before I can safely say that I'm no longer a fresh face in the Japanese AV circuit so I'll keep on trying my hardest!

I'd like to thank my directors, the staff, and my actor co-workers for making my time on the set so enjoyable. I'm thrilled to be part of Prestige (Translator's note: a Japanese AV agency/production company).

Day two ended with fun times in the studio and there still was one more day to go!

The last day, day three, saw me having my pictures taking for my first ever photo-book. It was an incredibly fun experience. I think I nailed my expressions as I looked so natural in all of them. I gave it all until the very end where we were shooting the picture that would be the book's cover. I was exhausted and dripping with sweat by the time the final picture was taken.

This was my Okinawa experience while being a Japanese AV star and I'm in gratitude for everyone who made it a reality. Thank you so much!


-Momoeri (Translator's note: her nickname is 'Momoeri'. Erika Momotani = Momotani Erika = Momo Eri = Momoeri)


(Translator's note: Erika Momotani will be going places in AV so long as she is willing to stick around and going by her recent interview, that is almost certainly going to happen. She loves AV and fortunately the feelings are very mutual especially when one considers her burgeoning fan base. Okinawa may be a small place, but going by her rapidly rising popularity, there's a good chance real fans had a chance to at least catch a glimpse of her while taking a break from filming coitus aplenty.)

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