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Erika Momotani Interview Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2014
English Translation Published: July 7th, 2014

Fast becoming one of the most popular and in demand actresses in Japanese AV, the almost too cute Erika Momotani gives her first interview.

An interview with Erika Momotani, a Japanese AV star who may take extreme cuteness to 11!


Towards the bottom end of last year, Erika Momotani made her amateur debut at MGS Douga via Nana the Tofu Maker, Age 20. The internet lauded her performance calling her 'a tofu maker who is simply too beautiful' and on the first of February, she made her first full movie with An Order for One at the Amateur Stripping Restaurant. With flawless skin and a body type akin to a fashion model, she aced her first AV production with the perfect combination of coyness and eroticism. Later that month Erika Momotani finally made her debut as a proper AV star with The Fashion of NEWTOKYO 04. Quickly becoming an intense fan favorite, she sits down for an exclusive interview with us!


Interviewer: Have you always had an interest in the Japanese AV industry?

Erika Momotani: I sure have. My boyfriend back in high school was big on AV and I often found my internal monologue grumbling about how he pays more attention to what's on the screen than to me. Then again, those AV actresses do have amazing auras and I felt attracted to their line of work. That's why I can safely say I've always wanted to become an AV star when the time was right.


I: What did you think the AV industry was like?

EM: It was scary going by what I was reading in Shinjuku Swan (A manga series about a talent scout with ties to the criminal underworld working in Kabuki-cho written by Ken Wakui). I asked a lot of questions when having my interview at the agency and my fears were dispelled as the AV industry actually is very straight-laced.


I: Did you have your AV persona planned before that?

EM: I aimed for matching Kirara Asuka (Translator's note:  consider her a kinda-sorta neo-gyaru) because my ex-boyfriend was a big fan of hers. I hate to lose so my eyes are set on topping the current champion.


I: She belongs to the same agency you do so are you sure that's a good thing?

EM: I don't mind being in the same agency. Prestige always goes the extra mile with their packaging and everyone always looks so amazing.


I: Do you feel any different now that your first movie as a proper AV star has been released?

EM: I was super nervous to the point of bailing the shoot. There were so many people around! How could I perform in a situation like that? However, they were professional and made me feel good so the shoot went off without a hitch.


I: Any scenes from that production that you look back extra fondly upon?

EM: There was a scene where I had sex wearing panties that had the groin region cut away with scissors. That made me feel so nervous as I've never done anything like that before. It was a pretty masochistic scene come to think of it.


I: Is it safe to assume you are naturally masochistic?

EM: I'm a little bit of both, but aren't we all? Then again, if I had to pick, I'd lean towards being a masochist.


I: How did it feel to couple with an AV actor?

EM: The ones I've been with are obviously really good at sex. They also are very professional and are always keeping in mind how I feel.


To be continued...


Text by Takahiro Iguchi / Images by Chie Tatsumi


(Translator's note:  in spite of only graduating from high school so recently she almost certainly still has her schoolgirl uniform stored away somewhere sans mothballs--she's as fresh as they come. Erika Momotani comes off mature and collected. It will be interesting to see how she acts when given more challenging roles that put her in the domination seat.)

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