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Hibiki Otsuki V-Cinema Debut

Hibiki Otsuki Official Blog - Original Japanese Date: April 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: June 30th, 2014

Japanese AV star Hibiki Otsuki writes a blog entry about her starring role in a unique Japanese V-cinema movie.

I did it! I was in a shoot for a V-Cinema movie for the last three days.

It's called 'Assassin Maria' and I'm playing Maria. I'm a nun by day and a professional killer by night. Maria is cool and collected and lacks pesky 'human emotions' which may hinder her duties. No matter the request, she can do it!

How can cool and collected Maria go from lacking in emotion to such a passionate and caring figure?! The DVD will probably go on sale sometime before summer.

I've always been a fan of detective-comedy movies so I think I had a premonition about being asked to star in this. However, this is not a comedy. It's very serious! I had to develop a method to act calm and unattached while also being able to act quite human-like depending on which side of Maria I was playing.

I also got to act out with a gun! And it was with two hands! It was really cool anime-like gun action reminiscent of the Black Lagoon and Jormungand.

It was a trying three days of shooting and I gave it my all until the end in the face of really heavy snowfall. The snow on the last day was too intense to safely go home so I stayed over along with the other cast members. They were all so nice and made me feel so relaxed in spite of it being my first foray into V-cinema.

During outside filming, I was covered nearly head to toe with heat patches called Kairo. I had about ten of them on! I even had an outdoors lovemaking scene where I was freezing at first, but gradually warmed up so it turned out okay.

Watch as I give it my all in every scene that I'm in.

Partway through I had a great Otsuki-like quarrel, but I'd suggest the final scene at the end as being the best as it was all about gun action! Please watch the production and my cool self without blinking if possible.

I'm so happy to make my mark in V-Cinema. I'll definitely challenge myself again if another opportunity arises. I look forward to seeing the movie on sale!


(Translator's note: It's very, very difficult to cross the gap between AV star and mainstream star. There are few Japanese AV stars who have done it successfully. Nevertheless, Hibiki Otsuki does seem to have what it takes to make that move. She has incredibly beautiful looks reminiscent of a post-graduate AKB idol and a proud personality that is anything but submissive. Her Hokkaido origins also make her something of a rarity in a media world populated by those of the two plains—Kanto and Kansai.)

(Translator's note 2:  A 3-minute clip from Hibiki Otsuki's V-Cinema venture is available to watch on Youtube.)

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