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The Rulebook For Enjoyable Sex and Camping

messy - Original Japanese Date: May 25th, 2014
English Translation Published: July 14th, 2014

A quick rulebook of sorts as to how you can engage in the most pleasurable of deeds while camping outside during the Japanese summer.

(Translator's note: today marks the unofficial beginning of the Japanese summer season. Although it's been seasonally warm for a few weeks, actual summer doesn't get started until right about now with beach communities seeing a striking rise in the number of tourists. Sadly, it will be over late August no matter how nice the weather early September brings.)


Day by day, the weather's becoming warmer and bit by bit, summer is approaching (and it surely is coming quickly this year!). The summer is full of great events. With beach parties, BBQ's, fireworks, and more, the chances of a sexy happening drastically increase.

My recommendation is sex and camping. Make no mistake, the combination of liberation and peacefulness while camping outdoors with just a thin tent separating you from nature presents the real risk of being discovered when engaging in some risky sex. This unique mixing of pleasure and danger will make for fond summer memories. That being said, it's time now to introduce some of the basics and things to take note of when having sex while camping.


Bring a thick blanket

When thinking of going camping, most people think of bedding in terms of sleeping bags, but that'll not due if your goal is to have sex. A hard ground with thin bedding surrounded on all sides by your tent will not be fun on the joints and will lead to some uncomfortable sex. Thus, in spite of the summertime weather, consider bringing several thick blankets. With blankets in hand, smooth sex from various pleasurable positions is possible.


Covert wet sheets for her delicate area

Camping outside often features barbecuing which is a hot and sweaty experience. On top of this, proper bathing areas are frequently absent. Being unhygienic together in the tent is something best avoided. Many people already use wet sheets, but double check to make sure you have enough and confirm that you're both proper down there. Feeling refreshed down where it counts will lead to some great sex.


Keep quiet while engaging in the act

Tents and noise-proofing do not go hand-in-hand. Be sure to keep your romantic moaning down to a minimum so as not to disturb the people camping in the vicinity. Trying to stay quiet may actually help make the situation even more exciting for you two. With that in mind, I recommend doing it on your sides. Both missionary and from the behind produce lots of body-to-body contact noise which may make your covert endeavor quite easy to discover. Making love on your sides is the best way to do it in order to keep the noise down.


Try not to become stark naked

When at home, having sex in the nude is the norm, but the same cannot be recommended when you're doing it while camping. The only way to prevent the infestation of hordes of hungry mosquitoes would be to accurately spray down both your bodies with ample amounts of insect repellent. Warm bodies attract bugs and even warmer stark naked bodies out in mother nature are asking for trouble. There's also the risk of your fun activities becoming a bit too rowdy leading to the sudden destruction of your tent ushering in confused third parties accidentally feasting upon your entangled nude forms. Women should keep on light clothing such as skirts during the deed.


Having sex outdoors isn't necessary an all-out violation in public indecency laws, but it still is a very thrilling experience that sure triumphs over regular sex at home or at a love hotel. Definitely try doing this sometime with either your significant other or someone you just met...or both at the same time.


Written by Meshiko Rioneru


(Translator's note: Camp season is major in Japan. Summer for many in the city oftentimes contains weekend trips to the 'country' with tents in tow. Camp culture in oceanside villages is a thing to see as sleepy towns for most of the year become gold rush meccas of tourists pining for a questionably authentic rustic experience. This is a prime opportunity for nanpa and also a good time to follow the guidelines written in this article.)

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