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Haruki Satou Interview Part 3

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: April 28th, 2014
English Translation Published: June 13th, 2014

Japanese AV star Haruki Satou sits down for an interview and spills the beans on her advancement into maidenhood by means of surprising outdoor encounters.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The very famous and very busy Japanese AV star Haruki Satou is back for her final interview. Her first adult experience was shocking and we find out why!


Interviewer: When did you awaken to your sexuality?

Haruki Satou: I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember.


I: How did begin masturbating?

HS: You know about those sticks of glue? I stuck one of the orange-colored ones inside me.


I: A foreign insertion?

HS: That's right. My finger wasn't doing the job of fulfilling me so I looked for something better to use. I searched around at home and found the glue-stick and thought it'd do the trick.


I: You'd need a lot of vigor to make that work.

HS: Yea, I know.


I: Continuing onward, have you ever used vegetables?

HS: I thought about it, but it'd be such a waste to throw it out when I'm done. A glue-stick is slimmer and worked really well.


I: You were already really active with yourself back then!

HS: I know! I was asked if I really was a virgin during my first time.


I: When was this?

HS: When I just started high school. It didn't feel uncomfortable at all to tell you the truth in spite of my friends saying otherwise.


I: Who did you do it with?

HS: Some college student I met on a dating site.


I: A dating site?!

HS: Yea, they were popular even back then. I wanted my first time to big with someone who already had experience.


I: I see. Did you do it with him the first time you met?

HS: You bet. I was determined to cast away my maidenhood.


I: What kind of person was he?
HS: He was a pretty nice college student, really. I wouldn't say he had a handsome face. In fact, he was just a normal guy.


I: So he didn't come off as a playboy?

HS: Nope. I wouldn't say that at all, but we did meet on a dating site so...


I: I see...

HS: Thinking about it now, he was pretty good in bed and he was packing.


I: Did you orgasm?

HS: The only thing I could think of was how strange he felt inside of me. I didn't necessarily feel good, but it wasn't bad either. It was just strange. I left it all up to him and looking back, I bet I resembled a fish out to dry.


I: That's how first times usually go. When did you start really enjoying sex?

HS: The person after my first time. He became my boyfriend.


I: What kind of person was he?

HS: He was a very good-looking upperclassman whom I fell head over heels for. When I was walking home from the entrance ceremony with some friends, I saw him heading the same way on his bicycle. He was stopped at a light with us and fate stepped in. I already knew of him since we were in the same school system for some years. The next day I asked a friend for his email address and got it. We met at a park soon after where I asked him out.


I: It sounds like something right out of a shoujo manga!

HS: Right? He kissed me after I confessed and that was all for that day. After that, we often met at the park and only at a park after club activities because he came from a very strict household.


I: Very dramatic!

HS: We eventually really wanted to do it, but it was midwinter and freezing so he brought a thick blanket and we ended up doing it at various parks since once wasn't enough.


I: Sex like a nomad! Then again, doing it outside like that must have restricting position-wise?

HS: We did it in covered areas like underneath slides. There were people walking around sometimes and they may have seen and then ignored it.


I: That's heavy.

HS: We started normal with things like missionary position. Things like really ballsy public sex from behind we didn't do. We had sex almost daily and that's when I really started to like it.


I: So pure sexual romance.

HS: My next boyfriend was even more into sex. That's when I discovered my shiofuki ability along with sometimes going at it together 7 times in one day.


I: That must be were Haruki Satou was created. On that note, is there any new types of sex and work you'd like to see yourself doing?

HS: My intentions for the moment is to lose some weight by dieting. I want to drop 10 kilograms!


I: That much?

HS: Yup. I got fat. Even my fans are telling me this.


I: You gained weight because of stress or too much izakaya?

HS: Neither. I gained weight because of being too happy.


I: You sure seem that way!

HS: Not entirely. My work schedule has sometimes put me under the weather where I'll not have much of an appetite but thanks to AV friends of mine such as Uta Kohaku, Hibiki Otsuki, Yui Hitano, and Miina Kotagi, when I'm down, I'm not there for long.


I: They're all your partners in work and great friends, yea?

HS: Yea, and sometimes because of them I'll overeat. However, I've been going to the gym twice a week and watching what I eat as of late. I don't think I'll ever be able to totally give up drinking though.


I: You're from Kyushu so I take it your preference is for shochu?

HS: Nope, beer—or should I say Kirin Draft and Green Label only! No Silver Label for me! Then again I'm seasonal so as it gets warmer, I'll be focusing even more on losing weight so I can wear more revealing clothing in the summer.


I: I can't wait to see your new look!


(Translator's note: It's incredible how quickly Haruki Satou goes from experimenting with a glue-stick (!) to having regularly sex outdoors in public on a regular basis. She is lucky in finding her calling so soon in life. Also, you heard it here: Haruki Satou regularly goes to the gym. If you're in Tokyo, maybe you'll see her at your local Tipness? Then again, with her salary as a popular Japanese AV star and the extreme abundance of personal training studios in the metropolitan area, that may be a pipe dream.)

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