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Haruki Satou Interview Part 1

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: April 18th, 2014
English Translation Published: June 9th, 2014

Japanese AV star Haruki Satou sits down for an interview about her astoundingly busy adult firm career consisting of working 29 days a month and more.

(Translator's note 9/23/2014:  a little late to the party, but Haruki Satou posted on her offical blog in late July that she has decided to end her adult video career spanning 4 incredibly busy years.  Wish her the best with her retirement from Japanese AV and if history is at all relevant, she'll probably make several comebacks.)

Since her debut 3 years ago, Haruki Satou has performed in over 900 titles (including compilations) and last year received a distinguished top actress award from the adult broadcasting division of Sky PerfecTV. Her cute looks and top quality body have made her a fan favorite and she's certainly not a pushover.


Interviewer: So it's been 3 years now?

Haruki Satou: That's right. I've been told that 3 years of this is very hard work. There's been times as of late where I've even clocked-in sans fake eyelashes.


I: What do you mean?

HS: I think going without my fake eyelashes in makes me look even younger. I think I look pretty much the same otherwise.


I: That's for sure. Do you feel any different now after being in the biz for 3 years?

HS: As of late? I've been a bit off target to tell you the truth.


I: Feeling off?

HS: Haha! Well, my objective for my first year was to get a lot of fans. With popularity came A LOT more work which saw me less concerned with hitting a goal as I was too busy going from set to set. My life's been nothing but work as of late.


I: What's the busy season like for you?

HS: 29 jobs in a month. I've barely any time for going out to drinks so I've lost weight.


I: 29 in a month! That means you've only 2 days to call your own. You sure are busy...

HS: I had my eyes on winning that Sky PerfecTV adult actress award. My friend Yui Hatano actually nominated me and ended up handing me the trophy and with that, another objective was cleared.


I: Is that so? Did winning that award change your working situation?

HS: Perhaps? My friends have mentioned that I already was really busy with work before winning the award so nothing really has changed—even on the V-Cinema front. I really don't think winning the award has changed my work prospects that much (not that that's a bad thing.)


I: I see.

HS: Though I think winning that award has made me feel more confident in my performances whereas before there was a level of gung-ho'ness I had to put myself through while taking on new assignments.


I: It's hard for normal folk such as myself to digest how you can be working 29 days in a month. How do your days go?

HS: There's times when shoots wrap up very late and I find very little time for rest. There's times when I finish shooting, go home and take a bath, and then repeat the process right away the next day.


I: Sometimes you get no shut-eye between jobs?

HS: Correct. That's my life.


I: Do you ever then have urges simply to wish away your next job?

HS: Not really. You can be very strong if you put your mind to it. Falling down is something we as people can avoid. This 'tough' life is what I'm all about. Taking time off does not cross my mind and neither does giving up.


I: You are indeed a tough one. I'm impressed.

HS: Is that so? When I do rest, my body shuts down. People can put themselves through a lot, but reality does eventually make itself known.


I: So do you have a secret for being able to work 29 days a month?

HS: Live one day at a time and put the past, good or bad, behind you.


I: Oh, really?

HS: With one shoot done, it's to the izakaya and that helps me clear my mind for the next job.


I: Do you not worry much?

HS: I don't have time to think, I just do. That's how I function. Now I've a bit more leeway so I'm taking note of how much stamina I've available to work with. Either way, I'm used to working everyday.


I: You really are a hard-worker. I'm in awe.

HS: Yea, but I sometimes can't even remember productions I've been in. “What title of yours is most memorable?” is a question I have difficulty answering.


I: Sorry! I hope I didn't enter choppy seas.

HS: I'm not often asked, but it's something I don't remember well so it's hard to give a good answer.


I:I don't know” is absolutely fine. That's a very real reply.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: Haruki Satou has fortitude and then some, but she's pushing herself too hard. Working everyday in an industry like this is bound to take its toll on her body. Perhaps she'll start to simmer down some since she's better known now?)

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