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The 5-Step Process of Working as a Japanese AV Star

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: July 18th, 2014

For prospective Japanese AV stars who have passed the interview process questions of work flow and how jobs are offered remain paramount.

(Translator's note:  a future update to My Dearest Desire will go into much greater detail about the process a Japanese woman undertakes to enter the world of AV.  For the time being, please enjoy this brief 5-step outline of how it's done.)


The Flow: going from interested in starring in Japanese adult video to landing a job explained in 5 steps via Myu's Hustler.


Step 1

Be sure to bring some type of government-issued photo ID to the interview. Please contact us if you are running late, are lost, or simply feeling under the weather. Please let us know what you can and cannot do so we can locate you feasible work. We'll also show you examples of the type of makeup done on set. Keep asking us questions until you are satisfied. That's what we're here for. Interviews are done in Tokyo, but feel free to email us your questions and concerns as well.


Step 2

Once the interview is finished and your work arrangements can be solidified, you will be photographed for your profile. Your profile picture is an important item needed to find work.


Step 3

Myu will look you over deciding on the best way suit your needs and limits. In other words, she will decide how to best bring your image to the market. She will introduce you to job offers based on what you can and cannot do. We will inform prospective companies about your limits and when you are able to work and someone from our staff will get back to you when an offer is found. When contacting you, she will provide information regarding pay and hours on set. Please only agree to the job if you feel comfortable doing it. The work description won't change once settled as that would cause trouble for all parties (Translator's note:  in other words, if you signed a contract for one-on-one coitus, that's what you'll get.  No surprise orgies although some movies go out of their way to pretend they exist.).


Step 4

You will receive a phone call the day before work from a manager to confirm everything is fine on your end. You may also receive an escort to the set on the day of filming provided there is an available staff member. Work begins with an explanation of what will be needed followed by photography. Take note that experienced production crews (who pull more all-nighters than what's healthy.) know how to build and maintain a good atmosphere.


Step 5

A pay slip will be presented to you for your records and savings. The payment itself may be made to you the same day if not within several days. There will be no vague promises of when you will be paid.


(Translator's note: Make no mistake, Myu, the big boss at her Hustler 'Talent' Agency and also the host of countless productions has an extreme amount of experience in the industry being both on and off camera for well over ten years. Her connections are endless and if you are a woman thinking of breaking into the industry, befriending her is a surefire way to do so without making any mistakes along the way.)

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