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FAQ for Prospective Japanese AV Stars Part 2 of 4

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: September 22nd, 2014

Frequently asked questions pertaining to how women in Japan make the jump from normal person to AV star and the hurdles they may encounter along the way.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

This four part entry on My Dearest Desire is the translated FAQ from the famous caterwauling Myu-san's new AV modeling agency. It answers in detail many of the questions women considering becoming AV stars have and also serves as a sumptuous behind-the-scenes look at the workings of performing in the Japanese adult industry. If you've ever wanted to know the process curious women in Japan take to enter the world of AV and potentially become famous AV stars, then read on...

Frequently Asked Questions at Myu's Hustler (note: Myu's Hustler has absolutely no relation to the famous American corporation of the same name):


Q7. How long does each job take?

A7. The lengths of jobs differ significantly and it's hard to give a solid estimate. However, photography jobs usually take 5-8 hours and video jobs take about half a day or longer. For a concrete answer, it would be best to contact the manager on duty during the job. If you have a curfew (such as making the last train), please let us know along with telling the staff members on set after you arrive. Most companies are strict with finishing before it gets too late.


Q8. Are there any jobs I can do without having to show my face?

A8. Not showing your face is a not an issue with our agency. There are many opportunities still available such as fake hidden camera adult videos (yes, nearly all of those 'real' videos with blurred out faces of women are in fact, fake) such as hotel room scenes, bathroom, bathhouses, and more. There may even be jobs in print-work. Please take note that if you definitely do not want to show your face, the amount of work you may receive compared to a woman who does may be less.


Q9. Can I only do work where no actual sex is involved?

A9. Yes, there are still many opportunities both in film and print for jobs that don't involve intercourse. However, the pay for jobs that involve intercourse is much higher compared to those that don't. Please release that this an adult agency, thus all of our jobs involve being nude at the very least (we are planning on expanding to also include non-nude jobs as well). For more information, please visit the 'What Do Japanese AV Stars Get Paid?'.


Q10. Can I only do non-video work?

A10. Yes, you can opt to only take part in non-video jobs and still belong to our agency. If that's what you'd like, be sure to mention during the interview that you're only interested in appearing in magazines, picture modeling, etc. However, please take note that not all video gigs involve sex and some allow you to hide your face. Also, appearing in print may not exempt you from sex and your face may be shown. Instead of simply deciding you cannot do video-work, please tell us a reason such as “I don't want to x and y” or “I will only do x if y.” There may be work you can do on video if your abilities are solidly known. Of course, you are always free to decline any job offers and you will never feel pressured. If you don't want to do a job, that is totally fine.


Q11. I'm very worried about being caught. Is it possible for this not to happen?

A11. Many prospective models fret during the interview about whether they'll be 'caught' by someone they know. However, the chances of that are not very high since the medium you will appear in generally are only available as non-rental movies. Print media is usually only sold in specialty shops. The chances of someone finding you from a more general outlet is slim. During the interview, you can request that you'd only like to appear in non-rental movies.


Q12. I've never worked in a brothel. Is that OK?

A12. You can be part of our agency without having any knowledge of the adult industry—including brothel-work. Of course, having experience from that outlet isn't a bad thing. There are many types of work we can offer whether or not you have brothel experience.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: The AV industry is very welcoming to new talent—new female talent that is. Just like on the other side of the ocean, men need something special in order to enter and find regular employment. It's also harder than you think to perform fully on camera. Stay tuned for further information on the ins and outs of becoming a Japanese AV star with posts on the how work is acquired and how work is carried out.)

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