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FAQ for Prospective Japanese AV Stars Part 1 of 4

Myu's Hustler - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: September 19th, 2014

Frequently asked questions pertaining to how women in Japan make the jump from normal person to AV star and the hurdles they may encounter along the way.

This four part entry on My Dearest Desire is the translated FAQ from the famous caterwauling Myu-san's new AV modeling agency. It answers in detail many of the questions women considering becoming AV stars have and also serves as a sumptuous behind-the-scenes look at the workings of performing in the Japanese adult industry. If you've ever wanted to know the process curious women in Japan take to enter the world of AV and potentially become famous AV stars, then read on...


Frequently Asked Questions at Myu's Hustler (note: Myu's Hustler has absolutely no relation to the famous American corporation of the same name):


Q1. So what does this job entail?

A1. Being part of the Hustler agency as a model will provide you a variety of temporary work options—in other words, work classified as being an outside contractor—mostly in the realm of adult video and nude modeling both in print magazines and possibly photo-books. You may have heard that being an AV star is an amazing line of work and it certainly is, but also take note that the majority of the women (all over 18) attached to Hustler are all quite normal. Even if you have never worked in any type of adult establishment, joining Hustler should be a non-issue. Outside of some specialized jobs, any women with any skill-set (or lack of) can be given work. For more information about the workflow and payment details for jobs obtained via Hustler, please visit the Flow page (will be translated and posted shortly after this entry).


Q2. How much will I make? Is it a lot?

A2. Pay varies depending on the gig. We cannot guarantee a certain amount for every job opportunity, but generally video performances pay between 100,000 – 500,000 yen (approximately $1,000-5,000USD—higher pay obviously for more famous/beautiful AV stars and/or women who are willing to do things less proper). It's possible for exceptionally confident and beautiful women to be paid even more—in upwards of 1 million yen (approximately $10,000USD)--though a special interview may be required. Challenge yourself if you think you have what it takes.  (More information in English here.)


Q3. Will I really be paid on the same day?

A3. We're aware that people don't like to wait and wait to be paid once or twice a month. Thus payment is provided at the end of a day of shooting.


Q4. Is there an age limit?

A4. Fans of adult video and magazines are both men and women of various ages so the types of women featured in them are just as varied. A feature of our company is that we will recruit any willing women between the ages of 18 and 60. Current high school students may not apply until they graduate (due to draconian school regulations) and all applicants must provide government-issued ID to confirm their age.


Q5. How soon after interviewing will I receive work?

A5. After interviewing, it generally takes several days to a week to start receiving work, but it's possible to receive work the same day or day after depending upon your desires. There usually is an order we follow when assigning work to our models thus the several days to a week of wait time is normal before work is offered. We try our best to make acceptable accommodations for everyone.


Q6. How do I receive work?

A6. Once the interview has concluded, we will take a picture of you to use as on your profile which will then be used to advertise yourself to prospective companies. During the interview, please tell us what you can and cannot do along with when you are available. The more you make yourself convenient, the more work will be offered your way. If there is an interest to hire you out, one of our staff members or managers will first be contacted before contacting you. We will let you know the rundown—such as the type of work, the pay, and the hours. If you can do the job, it will be offered to you.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: The AV industry is very welcoming to new talent—new female talent that is. Just like on the other side of the ocean, men need something special in order to enter and find regular employment. It's also harder than you think to perform fully on camera. Stay tuned for further information on the ins and outs of becoming a Japanese AV star with posts on the how work is acquired and how work is carried out.  Also, a future update on My Dearest Desire will go into great detail about one of the ways men can enter the industry.)

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