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Saki Hatsumi Interview Volume 2

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: August 7th, 2013
English Translation Published: July 15th, 2015

Extreme cuteness goes hand in hand with a passion for idols that extends into the AV circuit of filming via an interview with Saki Hatsumi.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The self-admitted masochistic Saki Hatsumi. How does she like to be teased? An interview about her secret fetishes.


Interviewer: Have you seen your own movies?

Saki Hatsumi: I'm too shy so I fast-forward my scenes so I don't have much to say about my performance.


I: Does that mean you will watch your next movie?

SH: Yes, I think I'll tease my masochistic side by watching myself. It's a turn-on after-all.


I: You think you're a masochist?

SH: I've always liked those TV shows where the hero saves the princess. I love that type of adorable woman.


I: How do you like being treated in a masochistic way?

SH: I like being confined to one place. I guess you can say bondage. Having my nipples teased is also something I enjoy.


I: Do you have sensitive nipples?

SH: I used to have no idea where my erogenous zones were, but that all changed thanks to work where I discovered I have very sensitive nipples. My ears are also on the sensitive side. That feeling of someone's tongue or breath on my erogenous areas makes me tremble with anticipation. I like missionary position when my partner is leaning over with his face close to mine to the point where he can lick my ears.


I: Do you have any teasing fantasies?

SH: I want to be told to shut up. Being told to shut up nonstop is a turn-on. I want to be bound forever with my nipples continuously teased. I wonder how I'll do in a situation like that. I think I'd orgasm really easily. Either way, I'd love for my nipples to be teased forever.


I: So you like persistent teasing?

SH: I love it. I love being on the receiving end of play domination. At work, I love slurping down semen be it in singles or group shots.


I: That sounds pretty challenging, yea?

SH: It's not as bad as being sick after too many drinks. I do like drinking semen, but I don't like it when a guy finishes in my mouth.


I: How come you don't like it when a guy finishes in your mouth?

SH: Because you can't see the sperm, duh?


I: So you really want to see it?

SH: I want to see it happening rather than just the aftermath. That makes me happy. That being said, simply swallowing it without seeing it made is kinda disappointing. I like seeing people ejaculate—especially when it happens to more than one person as the same time.


I: It sounds like you really like making men ejaculate.

SH: Yea, I like flashes of men's underwear when I'm out and about. That also make me very happy. Having said that, I'm not that much of a flasher.


I: Well, do you like it when fans tell you that they masturbate to your performance?

SH: That makes me so happy. That's what I want.


I: Do you want your partner to be happy?

SH: That's right. His reaction is important. Even during filming, I want my actor-partner to feel good.


I: Haven't AV actors been somewhat quiet during filming as of late?

SH: Yea, and I really don't like that. It makes me hard to figure out what to do. I really want the actor to convey his emotions. This especially holds true in productions where I'm a female pervert teasing a masochistic male. Their reactions is important to having good sex. It's also important to the people watching at home. That lack of reaction makes me want to retire.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: It's (not) surprising to see a Japanese AV star talk about her enjoyment of the masochistic side of lovemaking.)

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