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Saki Hatsumi Interview Volume 1

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: August 5th, 2013
English Translation Published: July 13th, 2015

Extreme cuteness goes hand in hand with a passion for idols that extends into the AV circuit of filming via an interview with Saki Hatsumi.

Welcome the hardcore-loving yet cute-as-a-button Saki Hatsumi who's had dreams of becoming an AV star since high school. We will interview an AV star who is a true natural.


Interviewer: Why did you decide to become an AV star?

Saki Hatsumi: Ever since I was in high school, I wanted to do AV.


I: And why is that?

SH: I discovered a collection of naughty books at home which sparked my interest in entering the industry.


I: Why would a high school student yearn to become an AV star?

SH: I discovered some naughty picture posting site and decided on a whim to send in a photo. I got so much fan mail that I started to give some thought about entering the industry.


I: So that means you've an interest in all things naughty?

SH: I've a huge interest.


I: Was your 'first experience' also very early?

SH: It was actually after I graduated. I'm actually quite shy so even after I graduated and entered true adulthood, I've shied away from relationships with men. In fact, my high school was girls only.


I: Do you feel that you entered the adult industry essentially as a virgin?

SH: Correct. It's not an ordinary desire for sure, but becoming famous this way was what I yearned for.


I: Tell us about your first time.

SH: After I finished high school, I was working at a coffee shop in town and a customer approached me. However, I didn't think much of him as he was kinda skeevy. I was very sexually curious and decided to just go with it and ended up enjoying the sex immensely and nothing more.


I: You really wanted to have sex, right?  Were you also masturbating at the time?

SH: Yes, I was looking at lots of adult videos on my cell phone. My fantasy was for my sensei to do me at school.


I: You really did have an interest in AV.

SH: Totally. I was really reading into books and blogs about AV.


I: So you're a bookworm. How did that lead to finding your first boyfriend?

SH: We both worked so our only time together was at night in the car, however, I wouldn't go so far as to call him a boyfriend. He was more of a sex friend than anything else. The relationship ended naturally. After him, I dated another guy who actually was a virgin.


I: How old was he?

SH: He was 23. I didn't have too much experience at the time and certainly wasn't good in bed. He was a really nice guy, but I wanted to become an AV star so we split and I made my way to Tokyo.


I: How did your first AV shoot go?

SH: I saw nothing but white fuzziness in my head yet was in exceptionally high spirits. I had no idea how to give fellatio so all I ended up doing was taking it in my mouth and licking it.


I: It's pretty interesting that in spite of wanting to be an AV star since high school, you didn't have much in terms of sexual experience. That being said, how was your first time with an AV actor?

SH: I recall it being very aggressive. I wouldn't consider it an exceptionally pleasurable experience.


I: Including your private life, is sex something you enjoy?

SH: Sometimes I'm orgasming five times or more at work so I have somewhat of a surplus stored up. I wasn't even sure how to cum until I entered the industry.


I: Do you feel your skills as an AV star make you more experienced compared to the average woman?

SH: I haven't really ever compared myself. I do like how I can do things that your average woman normally cannot. I like how being an AV star allows me to be someone else. On some days, I'm a young wife and other times, I'm a schoolgirl. It's a big change from my super shy past. Being Saki Hatsumi gives me so many ways of expressing myself.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: It's surprising how sometimes the most innocent woman have a passion for the salacious which is perfectly shown here in this interview.)

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