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Azusa Nagasawa Interview Volume 4

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: September 6th, 2013
English Translation Published: September 3rd, 2014

Curvy with a rare hourglass figure capped by massive breasts best describes the hyper popular Japanese AV star Azusa Nagasawa whose career spanned 5 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The fourth part in an uncut look at Azusa Nagasawa and what she wants to covey to her fans. Her ballad to everyone.


Interviewer: Go on...

Azusa Nagasawa: Fans were worried with ponderings on my mental affairs and I hope to bring them some relief. I haven't been updating my blog that much and I was thinking of a good way to tell my fans about my current status.


I: What would you like to tell your fans?

AN: I'm sorry for leaving everyone out to dry. I hope my fans do not feel betrayed. I never felt the desire for a big retirement event or photo-book as it wasn't the time.


I: Was there any reason for that?

AN: I had no retirement plans. There is no such thing as a 100% Azusa Nagasawa persona even in the studio. Either way, my personal life comes first and I'm aware that this may come off as rude to my fans.


I: You sure are a saint.

AN: No, not even.


I: I was referring to how you care so much about your fans.

AN: Well, they care about me so I cannot lie when I talk to them. I go out of my way at every event to shake each fan's hand and thank them or I'll regret it.


I: When did you realize you had such a dedicated fan-base?

AN: I wonder. I sure did notice fans waiting for long periods of time at events and I'm happy to give something back to them since they made the journey to see me.


I: Any really good messages from fans from those events?

AN: I've had fans wait outside after events telling me they have all my DVDs and giving me letters and presents which have made me very happy.


I: What kind of presents do you receive?

AN: I wonder if many of my fans were embarrassed to buy me womanly things like Rilakkuma which I have mentioned being a fan of. Other fans have written me letters which I'm so happy about since they put so much time into them.


I: Are you a fan of anyone?

AN: I sure am! I'm a fan of Arashi. After starting this job, I sometimes felt like a famous writer at a book signing. I've seen fans lined up and have fretted that each wouldn't have a chance to really talk with me so I try hard to prevent that from happening.


I: You've such a pure heart. What do you like about doing AV?

AN: It's a totally unknown world that I have privilege of being part of. It's also quite a rush to meet people in the industry up close and personal. I also think it's great how my career has drawn me out of being an introvert.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: Even though Azusa Nagasawa is now retired for good (for now...), it's nice to see she has no animosity about her adult video career even during its twilight run.)

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