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Ami Kasai Interview Part Two

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: December 15th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 28th, 2016

Ami Kasai is a former idol and current Japanese AV star who has been acting on and off for over 5 years now and is also very fond of anime and cosplaying.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Asagei Fuzoku:  And you were still in high school when seeing him, right?
Ami KasaiI somehow dated him for 5 years and even thought we'd get married.  He proposed and I had an engagement ring too, but throughout this all he had another girlfriend...who ended up getting pregnant by him.  He ended up marrying her instead.

AF:  That's horrible!
AK:  Yea, and that girl was actually a friend of mine.  After that, I became a lot more free with my sexuality.

AF:  I can't believe this all happened to you at such a young age.
AK:  I know!  Not that long after I read a book and in it was results of a big survey of some kind.  It was about sex and it said most women my age already had between 10-20 sexual partners.  I decided I had to up my sexual skills and sleep with more people.

AF:  And now I hear you've slept with an immense number...was it around 300?
AK:  I did a lot of reverse nanpa.  Around this time I saw Forrest Gump (Translated to Japanese as 'A Once in a Lifetime Encounter') and decided I had to take the initiative.  If I saw a cute guy, I'd be the one who catcalled him...and if it didn't work out, I'd move right along to the next guy who caught my fancy.

AF:  What did you say when you catcalled them?
AK:  “You're really my type so let's hang out!”  I originally just was doing it to have sex, but I also started to enjoy really hanging out with some of these guys.  Besides, sex is always better when you're doing it with someone you care for instead of just doing it for the act itself.

AF:  Were there any celebrities amongst those 300?
AK:  No one especially famous though I did have sex with a few athletes.  Some were surprisingly ho-hum in bed and expected me to do everything.

AF:   Did you just approach guys on the street or did you go on group dates too?
AK:  I did a few group dates too and even accidentally met up with guys I've already slept with.  That made things pretty awkward.

AF:   It's good you still sound so happy about it.
AK:  After being caught already doing AV, there's not much for me to worry about.

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