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Why Isn't All Japanese AV Uncensored? Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: December 18th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 18th, 2016

There are many reasons why domestic Japanese AV production companies avoid taking the uncensored route with their releases.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

The demerit of a Japanese AV actress finally doing uncensored is the value of her vagina drops.  In other words, there exists a real risk that she may receive less offers from domestic (censored) production companies and the offers that do arrive may be for less money than what she received before.  Since she finally gave away the last scant surface area of her body that until now was covered with pixels, there's not much left for her in the way of innovation outside of lifting more bans such as anal sex, lesbian play, etc.  Eventually she's doing a scat gang bang and her retirement's written on the wall.

Another massive reason going against all domestic companies from going purely censored is that 99% of their sales are from within Japan.  In fact, even uncensored production companies see most of their sales from Japan too.  They're headquartered and hosted outside of Japan so this is the main reason why they get around the need for mosaic.

"So why don't all those censored studios just incorporate and host their movies abroad?"  Risk and fear of change.  It's precarious both financially and legally.  First off, many smaller produciton companies lack their own online stores and download sites and when they do have them, they aren't pushed let alone maintained that well.  Production companies like the dozens DMM own are an exception, but most non-affiliated companies still see most of their sales from domestic sites such as DMM's and a few others along with weakening sales from brick-and-mortar video stores.  Yes, going to buy AV in a physical format is still happens here.  It's also heavily tied in with AV star meet-and-greets where you can buy merchandise and the more you buy in person, the more rewards in the form of skin-to-skin contact you can receive.


An example of a scene that would benefit without mosaic.


If a production company in Japan decided to screw this all and moved shop (at least virtually) abroad and re-released everything sans mosaic, they'd be totally on their own.  Trust violation issues (as we noted before) aside, they'd be swimming in the deep end without a paddle.  Western sites such as ZENRA and many other paysites are used to this, but our non-westernized friends are not.  It's the adult webmaster entrepreneur market we've been born into, but Japanese production companies still subscribe to shipping out product to third-party distributors who do a lot of the selling for them.

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