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Why Isn't All Japanese AV Uncensored? Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: December 18th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 16th, 2016

There are many reasons why domestic Japanese AV production companies avoid taking the uncensored route with their releases.

Running a Japanese AV site that features content that's both censored and uncensored, we often receive emails from fans asking as us why don't we tell those AV production companies to just release everything without mosaic.  After all, the world's a pretty big place so it makes no sense to slap silly mosaic on the private parts of the acting staff due to some old and draconian censorship law.

This does make some sort of sense if you're a fan of Japanese AV from abroad.  If you live in Japan and like us, work directly with domestic production companies (i.e., the ones that put mosaic on their movies), the situation is a lot different and there are many reasons why mosaic is here to stay.

So without further delay, let's look into some of those reasons why a world of 100% uncensored Japanese AV is sadly still a pipe dream:

(Not in order of importance)

Trust.  Japan's adult video industry has been bedfellows with mosaic censorship for so long that it's a given that it will be applied before the title is sold to the public.  Although it may not directly say this on a contract between a production company and an actress, her vagina still will be something of a mystery during her career.  Going behind her back and releasing a title uncensored would shatter that trust along with some more severe legal issues.  What's more, it would also...


Left:  how a censored production may show masturbation.    Right:  The uncensored version.

...Lower the value of the vagina.  What we mean by this is nowadays as many readers of My Dearest Desire and ZENRA may already know, uncensored Japanese AV has never been more prevelant.  Is it legal or not?  Some may wonder and the fact of the matter is if you're accessing it in a country where pornography is not outlawed, then you're probably fine.  All models are over 18 and big production companies such as DREAMROOM have hard drives totally full of scans of photo IDs.

What we're getting to is there's a big step for an AV star when deciding on starring in an uncensored title.  The biggest merit is making A LOT of money.  A famous AV star finally breaking her 'censorship ban' can rake in $20,000USD or more for her first uncensored title.  This is why those uncensored debut titles are often totally lacking in story by the way.  Sex sells and it's safe for companies like DREAMROOM to focus mainly on that to ensure they make their money back!

To be continued

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