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Ai Uehara Interview Part Three

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: April 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 8th, 2016

Ai Uehara is a Japanese AV star who literally looks like the girl next door but has ascended industry rankings to become its most popular actress.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Men's Cyzo: That is few. Let's talk more about your love life if that's OK with you. When was your first time?
Ai Uehara: When I was 15. He was the same age as me and was also my first real boyfriend. He actually asked me out many times and I kept on saying no, but he was persistent so I finally went steady with him. At first I didn't feel much for him, but he grew on me so we eventually did it.

MC: How long did it take from your first date to having sex?
AU: About 2 months. We often went on walking dates to a nearby temple and one time on the way there we did a few naughty things. This was outside so we obviously didn't finish the act however. The first time we had sex and did it till he came was at his house. I knew at the time I was going over to have sex, but still was really embarrassing and it took awhile for me to finally take off all my clothes.


A somewhat naive Ai Uehara

MC: Was it his first time too?
AU: Yea, so we both were total sex newbies. During our first time we used an erotic book which had pictures of positions that we used for guidance. I didn't even masturbate yet so I truly had no idea where and how things worked down there.

MC: I didn't realize people your age read books like that! How did your first time go?
AU: It hurt, but somehow he made it inside me. On one hand I felt happy, but it wasn't all that comfortable so I ended up not enjoying it that much. Our relationship actually stopped cold after that. He tried to have more sex with me, but I gave him the cold shoulder. Even in school I'd just pass by him without saying anything and we officially broke up 3 months later.

MC: How did you get your next boyfriend?
AU: He was a teacher at a cram school I went to and at 21, he was a lot older than me. My friend was in his class and all 3 of us ended up hanging out from time to time and from that, I started dating him.

MC: That sounds like a wacky group date. I was under the impression that it's strictly forbidden for cram school teachers to hang out with students.
AU: Well he was more of a college student than a full-fledged teacher. We really just started out as friends and it grew from there into an actual love relationship. He was so adult-like and taught me how to give fantastic fellatio. We didn't last long because he ended up cheating on me. We split when I was about to enter high school. My third boyfriend was the one I mentioned earlier who I ended up dating for a few years. Him and me were in different classes in high school, but were friends. Our first time being alone was pretty unique: his class did a haunted house for Halloween and he was one of the ghosts who frightened people. Somehow he got me isolated and that was the first time we held hands.

I think that's against the rules.
AU: Maybe? The next day he came up to me outside of class and told me he had something important to talk about after school. I believed him totally because he was so serious about it. Of course this turned out to be his confession and then we started dating for real.


To be continued



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Interview by Atsuhiro Inoguchi
Photography by Chie Tatsumi
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