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Ai Uehara Interview Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: April 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 6th, 2016

Ai Uehara is a Japanese AV star who literally looks like the girl next door but has ascended industry rankings to become its most popular actress.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: Any tips for good lewd women play?
Ai Uehara: Maintain eye contact with your partner while teasing him.

MC: Yea, I do notice some AV stars who do lewd women titles sometimes have issues with eye contact.
AU: That's why it's really effective to lock eyes! It makes the actors—especially amateur ones—even more embarrassed and a lot more adorable. You keep your eyes on him and the pleasure keeps on increasing.

MC: Have you ever done any erotic play outdoors in your private life?
AU: No, not outdoors, but I have done some naughty things at school. I dated the same guy throughout high school and we had sex under the teacher's desk, in the nurse's office, etc…

MC: It sounds like you were already doing AV before you even entered the industry! I recall in a recent release by you called A Slave to Kissing by WAAP Entertainment had you doing similar acts, but in a simulated school environment. Can you tell us more about actually having sex in school?
AU: It was after school when we did it. Most students already went home so our chances of being caught were slim. We snuck back into our classroom and had sex right under the teacher's desk. It didn't last long because our legs were totally exposed when doing it missionary style. The nurse's office was a lot better because we were more comfortable there since it was a kinda sorta hangout spot. It also helped that there was a bed for us to use. Again we couldn't finish though so he ended up just fingering me while I gave him a handjob.

MC: You were in a very outgoing relationship!
AU: Yea, but our school was super strict! There was a time we kissed at the train station near the school and a teacher saw us. We had to write out apologies for that one.


An outgoing Ai Uehara stuck in school.

MC: For kissing?!
AU: Yea, and the written apology wasn't the end of it. My parents got a call from the school about it too! The school didn't look too kindly on classmates dating so it was just something they always did when they spotted it. One time we went on a class trip to Okinawa and the teachers knew about us dating so they always kept us apart.

MC: And to think in spite of rules that strict, you two had full-on sex on campus.
AU: We couldn't help ourselves. My boyfriend confessed right away and we just went from there from kissing to more pretty fast. In fact, we kissed on that very first day!

MC: Even going from confessing to kissing in one day is pretty rare. How long were you dating for?
AU: 4 years.

MC: It sounds like you haven't had many boyfriends then.
AU: Yea, only 3 counting him.


To be continued



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Interview by Atsuhiro Inoguchi
Photography by Chie Tatsumi
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