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I'm a Foreigner and I want to be in Japanese AV! Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: December 5th, 2015
English Translation Published: February 5th, 2016

Japanese AV mainly only features native cast in its titles but as a foreigner it is still possible to also star in one provided a few requirements are met.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Foreign actress hopefuls have things a bit easier, however under most circumstances you still need to be in Japan.  There have been recent exceptions such as Mia Malkova who starred in a slew of titles not too long ago.  Her situation was especially unique, but she already was incredibly famous in the west so the risk of her flaking was low.  We don't work with her, but can assume a group of production companies organized shooting of her titles in the same period she would be in Japan.  Airfare and hotel costs may also have been included in her deal and again split amongst production companies.

If you are a woman wanting to appear in Japanese AV and don't live in Japan and also do not have the same level of street cred as Mia Malkova, you may wish to pick up Japanese textbooks and save up for a round-trip ticket.


Gomez (shown above) most likely has PR status.

Lastly, the biggest issue which we have chosen to omit until now is that of a visa.   From an immigration standpoint, you do need to either be on a spouse visa or have Japanese permanent residency to work in the adult industry.  Some AV production companies such as MOODYZ go one further and say they only accept acting applications from those with Japanese citizenship.

In the case of MOODYZ, this is almost certainly another way of saying “we just want people who can speak Japanese” and not anything outwardly racist.  We doubt Mia Malkova had a spouse visa or PR.  Our guess is she came into the country as a tourist, filmed all her titles, and was either paid in cash or had the production companies sent an international wire to her bank account in USA.  They probably also have age records of using her of course such as a copy of her passport, but although we sometimes hear stories of immigration cracking down on foreign hostesses, we haven't heard the same happening in the AV industry.

Thus, if you lack a proper visa, there's still hope!  You're obviously entering a gray area of immigration legality and you're certainly doing something whatever visa you're on forbids, but we don't believe the risk of being caught is very high.  What's more, man or woman, some production companies may even add light mosaic to your face if you don't have a starring role so the risk of being spotted by immigration is reduced even more.

To sum it up, if you are in Japan or will be traveling here, speak Japanese near fluently, and seriously want to appear in an AV title, your best bet would be to contact your favorite production companies directly.  We highly recommend skipping out on very large ones owned by massive corporations since there is a lot more red tape.  Target the truly independent ones.

And of course, contact us anytime if you have any questions or need some help.  We work with many production companies and if you meet the above requirements, we might be able to help as well!

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