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Ayami Shunka Interview Volume 2

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: June 28th, 2013
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

Popular Japanese AV star Ayami Shunka known for her innocent demeanor mixed with a body that is anything but sits down for a three part interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The second part of our interview with Japanese AV star and PINKEY stage idol Ayami Shunka.


Interviewer: Are you also shy during your intimate moments in your private life?

Ayami Shunka: The lights are definitely off 100% of the time. I'll never do it somewhere bright.


I: Isn't having sex in the dark kind of boring?

AS: I'm only having sex if the lights are totally off and we're under the blanket.


I: When do the lights go off?

AS: From the get-go.


I: It does seem that naturally shy women do well in AV.

AS: That's what my friends say though I have no idea how I'm able to do this. I guess I'm able to classify it as work.


I: Even if it's work, aren't you shy to be filmed in the nude?

AS: Yea, I'm real shy about it. My legs keep on closing on their own.


I: But you can spread them, right?

AS: Yea, I can, but I try not to have that area shown during photography.


I: Work must have been initially very nerve-wracking.

AS: That's right. I really came close to dropping out during my first three productions. Even the director said I had tears in my eyes during filming. I don't feel that way anymore. The end is nowhere in sight!


I: It sure seems like all that filming has really improved your sexual prowess.

AS: I've never really been a big fan of it, but my fellatio technique may have marginally improved. I learned a lot on the job. I learned about erogenous zones and how to sound the part.


I: Have you mastered the lower back fortitude needed for good cowgirl?

AS: I'm still crappy at cowgirl. I have no muscle and I'm not good at getting any. This is why there are so few scenes with me on top in my movies.


I: Amateurs these days are quite good at being on top and respond well when their nipples are suddenly licked.

AS: Oh, really?


I: Everyone's learning by watching AV.

AS: I don't watch AV and I'm not sure what other women are doing.


I: I bet they think AV stars are all extremely good at sex.

AS: For sure. I bet that's in part thanks to all the lewd interviews that appear in magazines.


I: Do you not talk to your friends about naughty things?

AS: Yea, but with really close friends. I'm never the conversation-starter though.

I: You don't sound like an AV star at all.

AS: I only do about two productions a month (two's actually about average for a popular Japanese AV star) and I have no boyfriend so that's all the sex I have. Even I had the image that AV stars orbit solely around never-ending sex lives.


I: You might know less than the average woman.

AS: Definitely less. Though there were times when I was on group dates and the topic of my work came up and the men there thought I'd be easy.


I: Just as I thought.

AS: People may think otherwise, but I'm a different person outside of work.


I: You must not like those people who think you're easy.

AS: I hate them.

To be continued...

(Translator's note: It sounds like Ayami Shunka needs to start considering a resistance training program to prepare her body for future endeavors both in and out of AV.)

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