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Ayu Sakurai Interview Part Six

XCity - Original Japanese Date: September 14th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 11th, 2015

Ayu Sakurai is an outgoing Japanese AV star who crashed into the industry with guns blazing and has been churning out titles nonstop for almost 3 years.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


XCity: I'd imagine everyone on set being surprised by that! Were you always one to stand out out of the crowd?
Ayu Sakurai: For as long as I can remember. I have an older brother, but we lived separately so I was the only girl in the house. People in my family including relatives always gave me much attention. I think being told that I was really pretty from an early age has helped a lot in that regard.


XC: Did you enjoy receiving all that attention?
AS: I sure did and I went out of my way to receive as much as possible. However, I was still pretty shell-shocked upon entering the AV industry. There were so many other cute girls here! It wasn't just me anymore. Back when I was doing some kyabakura hostessing in Osaka, I truly believed I was the cutest girl, but that belief was really challenged after seeing all my coworkers.


XC: I remember you being proud of your small chest and making it a selling point early on in your career.
AS: That's right! I had to think of ways to yet again stand out compared to all the other actresses. I noticed on all the blogs and Twitter that most AV stars either focused a lot on their big breasts and the small-chested ones never mentioned theirs at all. I think many of us have body complexes which was something I wanted to avoid. Of course this affected me somewhat, but I made it a mission to be proud of my small chest and use it as a selling point rather than something to be ashamed of.


XC: I didn't know that! That's great
AS: People have always said I've a cute face, but I never bought it. I always thought they were joking and even made a joke of it myself. Even now I'm honestly not totally convinced I have good looks at all.


Is there really anything about Ayu Sakurai to complain about?


XC: It sounds like you're very objective of yourself.
AS: Well, I hate anything related to statistics. A previous coworker always told me things balance out. So good things will even out with the bad, yea? This is a mindset I really, really hate! Who can decide that? I don't believe things can be decided in the future without even doing anything so I'm always trying my hardest no matter what. If things don't work out well and I shed some tears, I'll still know that I gave it my best.


XC: Ah, now I've an idea why you held out on signing an exclusive contract for so long.
AS: That's exactly right. The were nice though and said I can keep on acting like I have been all along. I fortunately did not have to worry about changing my image this late in the game. This was really great for me and also was unique as most AV stars go through some kinds of makeovers after signing an exclusive deal. For me, I skipped out on that, but one of my first assignments was to star in a title that had me pretty much cumming nonstop for 4 hours.


To be concluded


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Interview by XCity and Miho Fumizuki

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