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Ayami Shunka Interview Volume 1

Famous Japanese AV Star Interviews - Original Japanese Date: June 27th, 2013
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2014

Popular Japanese AV star Ayami Shunka known for her innocent demeanor mixed with a body that is anything but sits down for a three part interview.

Ayami Shunka debuted in 2012. With a cute face and a slender frame capped by exceptionally large breasts, she's a fan-favorite.


Interviewer: When was your first time?

Ayami Shunka: Shortly before high school.


I: That was pretty early, yea?

AS: It was on the way home from school actually.


I: How did your sexual experiences after that compare?

AS: They weren't anything to write home about especially considering I went through boyfriends pretty quickly.


I: So your relationships didn't last long, huh? Did you watch AV before getting into this line of work?

AS: I saw some from my older brother's stash, but that's about it. Right now, I barely watch any.

I: You don't watch your own work?

AS: I'm way too shy to watch it. The only things I've watched were two previews of my own work. Even then I muted the sound.


I: Are you embarrassed to see your own body?

AS: It's more like I don't think I'm that photogenic. I'm not even a fan of purikura.


I: So you're saying not all young women like having their picture taken?

AS: I mean if I'm with friends, then sure, but...


I: Don't you like how beautiful you turn out when photographed by a professional photographer?

AS: I'm also not too fond of that. I don't think I look good even in those fancy AV photographs. Even when being photographed for cover art, the cameraman doesn't seem too happy with my posing.


I: What went wrong?

AS: He said things like “You're not so cute today” and “We can't use this” while taking my pictures.


I: That seems to be the opposite of what a good cameraman is supposed to do. He's supposed to make you feel good about your body.

AS: Yea, it's not good that he doesn't make me feel cute. It makes it hard to pose nicely and I end up feeling awkward.


I: I see. Do you not like being praised?

AS: Yea, I'm really shy.


I: But don't your fans praise you at events?

AS: Yea, but if they call me cute, I'm quick to correct them as I'm way too shy. I really don't have a lot of confidence.


I: You lack confidence in spite of being so popular in the AV world?

AS: Well, I guess my breasts have been looking good as of late.


I: You've a magnificent chest.

AS: I guess, but I'm still not really sure. I'm not sure how mine will compare with the next newcomer.


I: You say you don't watch AV, yet you're interested in future AV stars?

AS: I'm not, I'm not!


I: There seems to be many straight women who enjoy looking at other bodies of the same gender.

AS: I'm too shy to even look at other women. Even for myself, I dress as quickly as possible.


I: What about men?

AS: I'm super shy even when I'm on set. Things like the moment their underwear comes off makes me laugh in embarrassment.


To be continued...


(Translator's note: Ayami Shunka is a bonafied cutie who seems to have an innocent demeanor and this interview sure solidifies that.)

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