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Kaoru Oshima – About Coming Out… Part Two

KAI-YOU - Original Japanese Date: October 5th, 2015
English Translation Published: May 4th, 2016

Kaoru Oshima is by far the most famous cross-dresser in Japan who recently retired from Japanese AV and now is pursuing a career as a tarento.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

KAI-YOU: Do you have any strong memories from your time in Brazil?
Kaoru Oshima: I've a bit from when I was 5. We originally only were in Japan for a short time before planning on going back. I was in daycare at the time and was not too happy about moving again. However, what I didn't know when I threw a tantrum there was we'd only be in Brazil just for 2 months.

My parents wanted to show me as much as Brazil as possible. So when we were there for that short period, they took me sightseeing a lot. I saw many different places. While on a cruise, we met a Spanish family who had kids my age. Both my parents and theirs were a lot more open than what you see in Japan so albeit being strangers at first, they started talking right away.

We spent a lot of time on that cruise. I recall the older sister having blonde hair and pale skin perhaps due to some Northern European heritage. She was really pretty. I bet she became super popular when she started puberty.

There was one time she was at the pool on the ship. I saw all that blonde hair mixed in with the water and it was such a beautiful sight...

For me at the time, being from Japan where modesty is strong, this got weird here: she got out of the pool eventually, but she was not wearing at top! It looked like she was just wearing a male bathing suit. It turned out I was wrong about many things back then including her gender.

There was no older sister. It was an older brother with long hair! That moment left a lasting impression on me and it may be safe to say I wouldn't be here now as Kaoru Oshima if it wasn't for that moment.

KY: You thought it was a girl, but it was actually a boy? That must have been quite a shock!
KO: Way back when I still was dressed always as man our family babysat some friends and even then I frequently talked like I was a female. I recall being teased for it. My hair was kind of long too so that probably was also a reason why. If I have no makeup on, you can probably tell I'm a guy though.

KY: Do your parents currently live in Brazil?
KO: Yes.

KY: I take it then you don't meet often?
KO: They came to Japan about a year ago. It was their first visit in a really long time. That also was the time they found out about my cross-dressing. I dressed as a guy when I met them since that's all they knew me as up until then. My little sister is still pretty naive so she was confused as to why my hair was so long.

KY: So how did your parents find out about your cross-dressing?
KO: They already suspected me of cross-dressing even before coming to Japan. I always talk to them via Skype and I have a different account I use when I talk to them. It's an anime character of me as a man. For everything else, I use an account with Kaoru Oshima, the cross-dresser as the icon. One time I forgot to switch accounts…

I actually think one of the reasons they came to visit me in Japan a year ago was because they suspected me of hiding a large part of myself from them. Even though I spend almost all of my time now as Kaoru Oshima, I still can act like a man when it's needed...or so I thought.

However, they emailed me soon after meeting and asked if I cross-dressed. I didn't realize yet about my Skype snafu and I didn't want to lie to my parents so I gave them the truth.


To be continued


Interview by Koduck Kawaguchi

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