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Kaoru Oshima – About Coming Out… Part One

KAI-YOU - Original Japanese Date: October 5th, 2015
English Translation Published: April 27th, 2016

Kaoru Oshima is by far the most famous cross-dresser in Japan who recently retired from Japanese AV and now is pursuing a career as a tarento.

Kaoru Oshima is a male cross-dresser who gained prominence during his short, but highly successful AV career as an actor signed to an exclusive contract with a large production company. He retired from starring in adult videos last June and now is pursuing a career as a talento and a writer.

August saw the release of his photo-essay which quickly became a hot-seller.

Our previous interview with the 27 year-old Kaoru Oshima at KAI-YOU covered topics such as cross-dressing, his AV career, and how he categorizes his gender. Regarding the latter, he stated simply, “I'm just who I was born to be.”

He was born in Brazil and still maintains Brazilian citizenship. He has seen a lot and has a lot to say so now that his first book has been published, let's spend some time chatting with him again.


KAI-YOU: How was the reaction to our previous interview with you?
Kaoru Oshima: I think the previous interview helped get my name out there. Since then I've had pieces I wrote reproduced in magazines and now I've even amassed fans within the entertainment industry itself.

KY: Any comments in particular from fans that have left a big impression on you?
KO: I've seen comments on my Twitter feed from people who also have had enough with gender-related stereotypes. Like me, they want to see that all eradicated. I'm happy that we all share a similar viewpoint; we're past the point now where one can either identify as a man or a woman.

KY: Getting personal for a moment, may I ask how long you lived in Brazil for?
KO: Until I was 2. However, I did return there when I was 5, but it was just for 2 months. Aside from that, I've only lived in Japan. In elementary and middle school I was the kid who generally stood out from the norm. However, this was not really a good thing...or at least I don't think it was: back then my hair was naturally curly, I was kinda chubby, and had little self confidence. Back then I never thought I'd ever get a girlfriend. You can see some pictures of me from that era in my photo essay.

KY: You also put your real name in your book.
KO: AV stars usually keep their real names secret during and after their career, but sometimes they get found out. I was a bit worried that for me it was a case of when and not if my real name would be found out so I decided to be the one to do it. This way the real me including all of my past history can be exposed on my own terms.

KY: Were you not scared?
KO: I was very scared. What's more, my real name is very unique to the point where nobody else in the country has it. People might have been able to find out where I live and my phone number. However, the chances of me being criticized by other people in the entertainment industry might have been too much for being too frank with my writing while keeping some details too private. I really do want to become famous and one of the steps to get there was revealing who I was.


To be continued


Interview by Koduck Kawaguchi

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