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The Mikan Kururugi Interview Part Two

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: October 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: February 12th, 2016

Her name may be tough even for Japanese to say let alone read, Mikan Kururugi has a special balance of looks and charisma to make it as a popular AV star.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's V: You definitely seem like fellatio is something you need little assistance with. Do you think women enjoy giving it or is it more because they simply expect something in return?
Mikan Kururugi: OK, you know how the underside of the dick is really sensitive? I love licking that area while looking at my partner's pleasure face. Seeing him really enjoy it also makes me feel good inside.

MV: Yea, I think any man would enjoy that. Do you think all your experiences on set make you an ideal sexual partner?
MK: Actually work is pretty hard so there are times I'm not too fond of doing it. I prefer making love in private because there are no time restrictions. We can take things a lot slower and do them right. There's no need to be aggressive when it's not necessary.


Award-winning Japanese AV starring Mikan Kururugi


MV: Your reply makes it sound like even AV stars are human! It's very reassuring. May I ask what your ideal type of man is?
MK: I like a man who has a good head on his shoulders who can like me as much as I like him. Age doesn't matter. He can be older or younger. He doesn't even have to be handsome. It's not looks that count for me. As you can tell, what I like in a guy can be very varied.

MV: That also is very reassuring. To conclude, any message for the people reading this interview?
MK: I'm Mikan Kururugi. My goal is to become even more popular than I am now by keep on starring in titles. I want to be that 'big sister' to all of my fans. Please consider watching the titles I'm in. I'll be very thankful!

MV: Thank you for traveling from your Nagoya all the way out to Tokyo for this interview! We really appreciate it.


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Interview conducted by Michio Nakaore, our resident subculture and Japanese AV interviewer. He's the result of touching himself too often when alone and now he's a bona fied herbivorous man who can barely get it up. He's horrible at all things sexual and when it happens, it's over way too soon. He's 30 and it's safe to say he'll be flirting with virginity awhile yet.


(Translator's note: it's surprising to see Mikan Kururugi still hasn't done any bizarre fetish work. That tongue by itself can gather a huge amount of picky fans. We'll make some calls…)

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