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The Mikan Kururugi Interview Part One

Men's V - Original Japanese Date: October 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: February 10th, 2016

Her name may be tough even for Japanese to say let alone read, Mikan Kururugi has a special balance of looks and charisma to make it as a popular AV star.

Men's V: When I first heard your name, I thought it was rather unique to say the least. Did you decide upon it yourself?
Mikan Kururugi: It may be tough to swallow, but the name was thought up near instantly by the boss at the modeling agency. We were talking and mid-sentence he decided on it! It's pretty weird considering the Kanji for Kururugi is one that the average person probably can't even read.

MV: I actually think having a hard to read Kanji for your stage name only adds to your popularity. People will see it, fail to read it, but will never forget it. On that note, can you tell us how you started working as a Japanese AV star?
MK: My debut in this industry was thanks to being scouted. However, it wasn't a regular scout catcalling me on the street, but a friend of mine who worked as one. He recommended I try out working as an AV star so here I am. Of course, it wasn't as smooth as that. I wasn't watching AV heavily on my own and my knowledge of actresses was close to nil. The only one I could name offhand was Mihiro who made it on regular TV.


MV: Of course being an AV star means you have lots and lots of sex. However, were you sexual from the get-go or…?
MK: I do like it as you mentioned, but my desire for it is about average I'd say. My first time was with my boyfriend when I was still in school and before I did AV, the number of men I've been with was probably not that high.


Mikan Kururugi showing her dramatic chops

MV: You went being an ordinary person living a normal life to becoming a popular AV star. You've been doing the latter now for 3 years so with a body of work that vast, is there any productions you starred in in particular that have left a lasting impression on yourself?
MK: Hmm...well around the time I debuted, I did star in a few lolita releases. They're more common now, but I also prefer working in a variety of roles. Thankfully I'm a bit older so I can freely star in titles that call for me to be a college student, an office lady, a young wife, etc. Probably the title that has left the biggest impression on me was when I was in the BakoBako Bus series by MOODYZ. It featured 16 AV stars and 16 real amateur men. I'll never ever forget those orgy scenes…

MV: I hear you've a very long tongue.
MK: I do. I'm really good at fellatio and can outdo just about anyone, but sadly I don't have a title that features it yet. Most titles I've been in are regular hardcore titles. I still have not had the opportunity to do unique fetish movies though I'd love to star in some.


To be concluded


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Interview conducted by Michio Nakaore, our resident subculture and Japanese AV interviewer. He's the result of touching himself too often when alone and now he's a bona fied herbivorous man who can barely get it up. He's horrible at all things sexual and when it happens, it's over way too soon. He's 30 and it's safe to say he'll be flirting with virginity awhile yet.


(Translator's note: it's pretty much a given your average non-Japanese speaker may do severe damage to his tongue when attempting to pronounce Mikan's last name. Good luck though! Say it right when you have the chance to meet her in person at a fan meet-and-greet and perhaps you'll receive a special bonus gift.)

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