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Japanese AV Actors: Then and Now Part Four

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 30th, 2015
English Translation Published: February 26th, 2016

Two prominent actors from the Japanese AV industry share their experiences about breaking into the biz and the key to success.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Men's Cyzo: One thing though is to consider that usually appearing in AV does wonders for one's self image. Actors who may have appeared ho-hum initially look way cooler and more confident as their careers have prospered. Besides, once upon a time the men in AV were mainly rather old and suspicious and dare I say it, lewd, but actresses today have mentioned they enjoy their current actor-partners very much. I've ever heard one say it was like having sex with a celebrity. Thus on that note, don't you think the AV industry and the actors within it sure have seen a lot of changes?

Tsujimaru: That is true. Once upon a time there was more room for false insertions and ho-hum acting abilities masquerading for something professional which now is just a thing of the past. Once the women themselves were of paramount importance with actors barely even being considered which is drastically different than today's atmosphere. The AV actor of the current era can be seen similar to that of a host.

Carlos: Yea, uh, I agree with that.

Tsujimaru: The thing is that many AV stars mistakenly think the actors assigned to their shoots are representative of all AV actors when that is anything but the truth. The fact is big-name AV production companies will go all out with getting the best talent. Their first encounter with anything less may lead to massive surprises. I've seen some vent their frustrations out on Twitter. This is another nail in the coffin for hopeful fresh faces padding our AV actor ranks. You can't half-ass your techniques when working with famous actresses. It has to be right and it has to be right from the get-go. I think this is one of the biggest issues preventing new actors from sticking around and rising in rank.

Carlos: That's true. Even failing once can be the end for some actors so you gotta make sure you're spot-on all the time when on set. What's more, you gotta look good too. Sexual techniques are important of course, but you also need to ensure your looks are topnotch and your hygiene is perfection materialized. Then there's the extra polite way you have to interact with actresses while on the clock. You definitely don't want to mess up here. You piss them off somehow and the vibe on set will suffer. If the atmosphere plummets because of you, then good luck finding repeat work as an AV actor.


Even Japanese AV isn't immune from a serious case of over-acting

MC: That sounds like a tough gig. Any examples of bad situations?

CA: There was once an issue with my size. I was too big for one actress and she made a fuss about it. They had to find someone else to fill my shoes.

MC: I don't even know what to make of that other than realizing that physical things one may take for granted can also set off some actresses…

CA: It happens more than you think.

MC: What usually happens in these situations?

TM: Back in the day, the opposite happened. Earlier AV stars really weren't that fond of sex let alone putting in the work. Now they may balk at large actors, but they'll still try their best and put on a good show. I recall many who would do their best to avoid touching and try to finish their duties as fast as possible. It was essentially the actress versus everyone else—and this went double for the actor. Of course each actress was different, but generally that's how the sets were run.

CA: Today sure is different. I actually think the environment is better now.


To be continued...


Interview conducted by Miho Fumizuki
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(Translator's note: Yes, even the most ogrish actors you see in AV have great hygiene. Even the ugly men crash team all take good care of themselves when it comes to bathing and the like. And of course, everybody is bug free. STD checks are just as important in Japan as they are in the west.)

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