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Meeting Japanese AV Stars on a Regular Basis Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: August 9th, 2015
English Translation Published: December 18th, 2015

Most Japanese AV stars hold frequent events in the Tokyo area allowing their devoted fans to meet them.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Another bonus to living in Tokyo are the frequent photography club sessions AV stars take part in. AREA 66 is one of the larger studios that hold these events. Here, either in a small group or solo you have about 45 minutes to spend with an actress of your choice. You can take pictures, talk—OK mainly it's about pictures, but there are no rules about maintaining a conversation. What's more, these shoots are mainly done in the nude!

AREA 66's FAQ does mention that some actresses have poses they do not want to do, but makes no mention about the chance of seeing their most private areas. Thus, if you pay the fee which can be rather steep (big names like Saki Hatsumi go for 50,000 yen ), you'll have truly free access to viewing her naked. No mosaic!

Almost certainly the contract you would have to sign states that you cannot upload the pictures onto the internet. Fans who pay the hefty fees to shoot are probably very devoted to their selected AV stars and agree to the rules without issue. There so far have been very little in terms of photography club-related leaks.

Example of advertisement for a RADIX fan handshake event.


From handshake events to photography club sessions, a popular AV star has many options to not only meet her fans, but make a lot of money, too. Saki Hatsumi had a recent shoot which sold out rather quickly. Nine lucky fans each bought their own slots which brought her total to 450,000 yen. Even if her agency and the photo studio took half, she'd still end up with several thousand dollars (USD) which is not too shabby for a full day's work.

Events like these are almost always being held. Sometimes other cities such as Osaka and Nagoya have similar events so it's best to plan ahead. If you're going to be visiting Japan and would like to meet your favorite Japanese AV stars in the flesh, do your homework and you may be lucky enough to meet them! Unlike brothels (which AV stars do sometimes work at), the lack of being able to communicate fluently in Japanese should be a non-issue.

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