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The JULIA Interview Reloaded Part Three

Famous AV Stars Interviews - Original Japanese Date: July 17th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 31st, 2016

Japanese AV star JULIA is the possessor of quite possibly the best body in the adult video industry talks about her origins as an actress and more.

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Welcome back to the final portion of our interview with Japanese AV star JULIA. With over 800 titles filmed, she is the true master of the lewd woman genre of our wonderful industry. What's her motivation for continuing and becoming even more obscene? Let's find out!


Interviewer: JULIA-san, as we continue this interview, I cannot help but notice how incredibly nice you are.

JULIA: I'm told that a lot. I know I appear otherwise in movies, but I try to come off as nice as possible during interviews like this one.


I: Well, you certainly have a mysterious beauty surrounding you. You made waves when you debuted. It's not everyday someone with your proportions decides to enter the Japanese AV industry. I don't actually recall any former AV stars with your body type.

J: I guess you can say I entered the industry at just the right time. There wasn't anyone else working at the time who had a face or body like mine.


I: I hear you didn't do much in terms of interviews nor events when you began your career. Is that right?

J: Well, I was still worried about being caught, but the production company I worked with also had a strategy in regards to that.


I: You didn't even start having events until 3 years ago.

J: My first event was for a photobook I did. I was so nervous I barely have any recollection of it.


I: You get nervous easily.

J: Yea, most experiences make me feel that way. I've no idea what to say in public.


I: But you've always had such a regal image.

J: Not at all! I feel really normal especially since I started using social network services recently and can communicate even more directly with fans. I'm really bad with computers and even catching the right train is tough, so I try my best.

A very confident and very, very naked JULIA.


I: You've been an AV star for 6 years. Where do you find the motivation?

J: I always wanted a job where other people can evaluate my performance. My previous job as a receptionist was the exact opposite of that. In fact, nothing about my private life compares to the scrutiny I receive when doing AV.


I: So you feel scrutinized as an AV star?

J: Yes, and I can gauge how well I do by the amount of offers I receive for filming and for events, too. I'm happy that to say I receive many.


I: I bet you're happy that you have so many fans.

J: The fact is I've never became a fan of anyone. With that said, I'm not really sure how my own fans think. However, I do know that many pay good money for my movies and often bring many of them to my events and that makes me very happy. I'm very grateful for that.


I: You only started holding events recently. Before that, how did you motivate yourself to continue working in AV?

J: I was receiving job offers. The more I worked, the more people would see me. I wanted to branch out and keep on appearing in different types of titles.


I: You've a very serious way of thinking about work. You really are a professional.

J: That I'm often told.


I: Were you like this at your previous job as a medical office receptionist?

J: No. My mind was blank when I was working there. However, thinking about nothing made the time go by really quickly.


I: What are your goals from here on out?
J: I don't want to become #1. That'd be way too much pressure. #5 is good though. If I'm ranked there, I can continue starring in Japanese AV for a very long time.



(Translator's note: how long can JULIA last as an AV star? 6 years is already 3 times longer than average, but she seems rather confident that she'll be working in front of the camera for some time yet. We certainly cannot complain about that as she has one of the most unique looks in the biz.)

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