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The JULIA Interview Reloaded Part Two

Famous AV Stars Interviews - Original Japanese Date: July 13th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 24th, 2016

Japanese AV star JULIA is the possessor of quite possibly the best body in the adult video industry talks about her origins as an actress and more.

Continued from Part One

Can JULIA, a Japanese AV star whose screen persona is something of a lewd woman actually prefer to be the receiver of teasing in her private life? We hear more about her sexuality including bits and pieces from her secretive private life in the second part of this interview.


Interviewer: Your AV persona comes off strongly as that of a perverted women, but is this really how you are in private?

JULIA: I'm way more normal in private. However, if my partner is masochistic, I may be kinda sadistic but not vice versa.


I: Oh, so you're not a masochist at all?
J: It's more like I rather not be talked down upon from above. I'm not good like that. I rather not tell someone how wet I may be when asked.


I: Do you engage in lewd woman play in private?
J: Oh yea. I love being the one who attacks. Regular men respond way differently than AV actors so I always have a great time seeing how they react.


I: How do they respond differently?
J: Well, one actor in particular—Manjirou Yamada—responds perfectly as a masochist. That's what I love to see in all the men I'm with.


I: So there's really a little bit of JULIA in the real you.
J: I wouldn't say that. I mean I do like teasing a bit in private, but…


The real JULIA?  Probably not...


I: Is light foreplay good enough for you when you have sex in private?
J: A bit followed by some cowgirl, maybe? I don't know—I'm actually something of a dead fish when I have sex in private. Moving is something I'm not very fond of. Actually anytime I do cowgirl, it almost reminds me too much of being on the clock. When that happens, a switch turns on and I have to remind myself I'm doing this for fun now else I'll really turn into my stage persona.


I: It sounds like an occupational disease. However, there aren't too many AV actresses who can successfully pull of a lewd woman as well as you. It's a real talent.
J: You think? I'm not even sure what I say half the time. It all just seems to fly out of my mouth naturally.


I: Were you good at being a lewd woman from the start of your AV career?
J: Not at first, no. I had to ask my manager who filled me in on what was wanted of me. He taught me the ropes to get me started. I wouldn't know all that dirty speak if it wasn't for some early crash courses in being verbally naughty. Along with that, I studied the performances of other AV stars known for their lewd woman portrayals such as Sakura Kokomi, Yuria Satomi, and Yumi Kazama.


I: Becoming a real lewd women sounds like it entails a lot of studying, huh?
J: There's tons of lewd women titles out there and slowly by slowly they're changing. It's best to stay on top of them.


I: Do you have your own method?
J: I usually film it all in one go. This can sometimes make for even longer shoots where the clock keeps ticking well into the night.


I: You seem really devoted to your job!
J: You gotta be for the type of work I do. The 'big sister' genre is rather narrow and all the labels really push hard with great titles. If I slack, I'll slack in popularity.


I: What a difficult industry.
J: Well, I don't have the body to do rori shoots so this is what I do.


I: I'd love to see you try.



To be concluded


(Translator's note: it would be neat to see JULIA take on other types of roles. Murmur from the online forums nowadays praise her for her looks, but her acting—especially her 'orgasms'--apparently leave much to be desired.)

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