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The JULIA Interview Reloaded Part One

Famous AV Stars Interviews - Original Japanese Date: July 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 17th, 2016

Japanese AV star JULIA is the possessor of quite possibly the best body in the adult video industry talks about her origins as an actress and more.

Japanese AV star JULIA is extreme popular due to her gargantuan J-cup breasts attempting to find balance above a minuscule 55cm waist. She's a true AV veteran with 6 years of nonstop filming under her belt. Known for her mysterious beautiful looks, we get somewhat under the surface of who JULIA really is in this interview.


Interviewer: JULIA, how long have you been doing Japanese AV?

JULIA: I debuted in 2010 so it's been 6 years now.


I: What made you decide to become an AV star?

J: Before I entered the industry, I was working in a medical office. I was a receptionist. Truthfully speaking, it was a really boring job which left me unsatisfied. Luck was not on my side when I was working there. My home caught on fire, but I forgot to renew my fire insurance leaving me in debt to the tune of a million yen (approximately $10,000USD).


I: Wow, a million yen needed out of the blue is intense.

J: Yea, I had no idea what to do. I didn't have any savings back then. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about how I could interview to appear in an AV movie so I decided to give that a shot. I really wasn't interested at first, but I decided to go and hear what they had to say...


I: Did you see any AV before going in for that interview?

J: Some was playing when I visited love hotels, but it was really dark and I didn't notice it much. The actresses looked like they were enjoying it, but I wasn't sure. Before I became an AV star, I never had pleasurable sex.


I: Because your partners were unskilled?
J: My first time was when I was 17 and I had a decent number of partners, but it was always about their pleasure. They'd do their thing and cum and then call it a day without thinking about making me feel good. I think all of my classmates back then were in the same boat with lackluster sex.


I: Ah, because you were all young then.

J: Yea, so I was looking forward to finally having pleasurable sex after becoming an AV star.


I: So how did you feel going into your first AV shoot?
J: I was super nervous and have barely any memory of it. I do recall it was a POV shoot with Ken Shimizu. What was supposed to be said before and during the shoot was still new to me so I was really surprised when the camera got rolling.

Not her first AV shoot, but JULIA sure does look embarrassed!


I: Since most of those POV shoots generally just involve you, the actor, and maybe a director, didn't you feel more at ease?

J: I'm not a good talker so suddenly being on my own with a guy I never met before was a recipe for extreme nervousness. However, Ken Shimizu could tell I was still real new to this so he gently guided me through the whole affair and it was over before I knew it.


I: That's to be expected by a veteran actor. Did you finally enjoy sex when you were with him?

J: Nope. As I said, I was really nervous during my first shoot. I recall trying to give noisy fellatio like they do in AV movies, but I failed even at that. Perhaps it's because I've a small mouth so there isn't much room to make noise. The shooting was all over faster than I thought, but it left me kind of shocked, but also pleased at how easy it came to me.


I: I'm sure seeing it done on video and actually doing it are totally different.

J: I've a friend who really loves watching AV and she gave me a lot of advice when I took the plunge on that first shoot. She told me how to provide a good and loud blowjob in spite of me having a small month. She also told me that since I was shy, I should look the actor's nose instead of his eyes.


I: You sure she also wasn't working in the AV business?
J: She's a real amateur, but she does watch a lot of AV in order to improve her sex skills. It was thanks to her that I learned what to do early on and learned it right. She's the real inspiration for JULIA 1.0. I doubt I'd have continued past that first shoot if it wasn't for her.


I: And to think you were a master at this. Was sex really not that enjoyable at first?
J: It really wasn't, but it was mainly because I was just too nervous. Even looking at the camera was too much.


To be continued


(Translator's note: JULIA's reactions to her first shoot were pretty standard. I can't imagine there are many gung-ho Japanese adult film stars-in-training that fly into their first shoot with guns blazing and legs spread. Even someone like JULIA with a body beyond magnificent is as much a victim of the jitters than actresses with more normal physiques.)

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