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AV Actor Genjin Moribayashi: “I'm a Middle-Aged Virgin” Part One

Gentosha - Original Japanese Date: June 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: August 31st, 2015

Interview and bio with Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi who has slept with almost ten thousand people on film.

(Translator's note: this is a massive interview/bio about Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi. It's considerably longer than the average update at My Dearest Desire, but please check back regularly as the entire piece is well worth the read!)


January saw the release of a book about middle-aged virgins which has been met with much praise and criticism as well. Some of the interview exchanges were very poignant: “I feel independent on one hand, but also feel very troubled”, “I feel disgusted with myself” and “The Japan of today is in a very dark place.”

Why is it that today's Japan has so many middle-aged virgins? We now hear from one who also happens to be a very successful adult film actor.


No Instincts Without Sexual Desire

I was reading that book while killing time on set. On one hand, I did lose my virginity almost twenty years ago, but I still felt like I was in a bad place. In fact, I feel like I would either be a true middle-aged virgin or a sex offender if it wasn't for my AV career. It really has been my saving grace!”

We received a deeply moving phone call out of the blue one day by Japanese AV superstar actor Genjin Moribayashi (age 36). For those not familiar with him, Genjin Moribayashi is a Japanese AV actor who has been on the forefront of productions for 16 years and counting. He's been on camera having sex with over 6,000 women and has ejaculated while on the clock over 10,000 times. When it comes to the act of sex, he's a true master.

In spite of this, why does he refer to himself as a kinda-sorta middle-aged virgin?

We saw why for ourselves when being invited to visit him on set. The shoot was an orgy scene for a title called The Interview (128 volumes and counting!) by Athena Eizou. Just ten minutes earlier he was in the midst of having sex with a group of women to the point where his body was slick with sweat from the effort. He's a man of action so long as someone is gripping his rod. His actions are non-stop and he's in total control.

One time on set of a title directed by Tadashi Yoyogi, the subject of herbivorous men came about. There are many cases of middle-aged virgins also being herbivorous men. The latter have no instincts when it comes to the opposite sex. In other words, they're not really mature. According to Tadashi Yoyogi, those in this position need to take extreme measures to mature and develop those instincts. Whether it be brawling, exploring real nature by hiking and rock-climbing, or getting into verbal attacks, drastic action is needed. You need to also see how this affects those around you. Because most are content doing nothing, the numbers of herbivorous men are drastically rising.”

I asked Moribayashi-san if he thought the middle-aged virgin phenomenon he first heard about from Director Yoyogi was related to more and more men living in cramped urban environments.

I think the phenomenon is almost like a religion.”

It seems like one part of this so-called religion involves denying oneself sexual pleasure. This is kind of similar to devout Catholics who abstain from premarital sex. Amongst them are certainly virgins who really do want to have sex, but find themselves questionably abstaining from it.

I think people who identify as middle-aged virgins have confidence issues. Some also focus way too much of their sexual gratification on women way younger than them. It's almost as if they want to make up for their own faults as an older and inexperienced man by taking a young woman under their wing. Older experienced women are actually something they are quite afraid of. They rather teach a younger women the ropes of sexuality in spite of not really knowing it rather than the other way around. In other words, they don't want to be hurt and they want to act dominant.

This is similar to how religious people sometimes believe in the purity of virgin women. Some people even believe having sex for means other than procreation is a sin. Men with this mindset are rather egoistic since they place themselves on a pedestal higher than women sullied or not. Once upon a time, it was thought that God lived within the bellies of women which gave them all special powers. Himiko and Cleopatra are some examples. They were the leaders of changing times, but nowadays with men in charge, the powers that women may or may not spiritually have have been quelled.”

Wise words from a wise man. Moribayashi-san actually graduated from a funnel high school for the prestigious Tsukuba University. In fact, a good chunk of their graduates end up attending the University of Tokyo! His grades were ho-hum in middle school due to his fixation on the opposite sex and he somehow landed in such a fine high school in spite of it being simply a backup for even greater dreams. His career as an AV actor began when he was around 20 years old.

What made him make the jump from normalcy into Japanese AV? Was there an issue of pride? Was it rebellion against one's virginity?

I could not stand not being popular with women. I thought there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. Because of this, I started making my own mantras to help alleviate my mental condition: 'Be popular with the same gender in order to get attention of women', 'Be nice rather than trying to sound cool', etc. I tried to pretend my social standing amongst both genders was totally fine, when it was anything but.”

The components of coolness for someone that age were sports ability, delinquency, being interesting, and also being cool. This had no relationship to whether one came from money or had a good head on their shoulders. Unfortunately, Moribayashi-san claimed to have none of those components. Thus, his time as a teenager and college student left him devoid of female companionship.


To be continued...


Written by Atsuhiko Nakamura


(Translator's note: Genjin Moribayashi may look someone jock'ish (or used to), but his school pedigree is anything but. This is a learned man who just happens to have an extreme fascination and passion for Japanese AV. He's happy and living the dream—his dream!)

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