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Do AV Directors 'Sample' Their Stars?

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: May 17th, 2015
English Translation Published: July 31st, 2015

Japanese AV directors are rumored to sample actresses before they appear on camera but is this really more than just an urban legend?

It's thought that Japanese AV directors sometimes take the role of a cameraman for the purpose of filming POV scenes where they can sample the actress. This is rather similar to how owner's of soaplands may try out new female staff before putting them on the cast list.

A magazine writer specializing adult video chimes in:

If this type of scene will be filmed, it's usually talked about well before filming. The director usually meets with the cast of his titles to discuss what will happen and if also will be appearing in front of the camera, he'll let it be known then. However, there have been instances of very well known directors going beyond that by physically and sometimes sexually inspecting the actresses during these pre-shoot interviews.”

So is more than just an urban legend?

An AV actress who elected to remain anonymous confirmed our suspicions: directors sometimes 'sample' the talent.

There was the time I was fresh in the industry and belonged to a less-than-reputable agency. During a camera test the director was cat-calling at me before he had his way with me. I was naive so I didn't voice a complaint even though what they filmed never ended up going in the production.”

We asked the previously cited AV writer about her experience. Are cases of these and other impromptu POV shootings the real deal? Are directors really 'filming extra' so they can have their way with the stars?

There was a director who did this the other year. He worked for one of the big production companies. I say 'worked' because they fired him after this became known.”

Japanese AV directors 'sampling' their talent is more than just an urban legend!


(Translator's note: it's not surprise that it happens. And it's also no surprise that some of the older directors in the biz are the ones that are doing it. Younger companies and younger directors have a lot more to lose if they did something as audacious as this. Directors we have personally met are upstanding and know how to properly treat the talent. AV directors over-stepping their roles fortunately is not as widespread as one may assume given the reputation of the industry, but it is something to watch out for.)

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