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Female Japanese AV Director State of the Industry for Women Part Three

Wotopi - Original Japanese Date: July 8th, 2014
English Translation Published: June 19th, 2015

Female Japanese AV director Bon Andou takes part in an interview about women working behind the camera in the adult video industry.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Gently Focusing on the Actress


Wotopi: Being an environment that usually contains a lot of men, is sexual harassment something to worry about?

Bon Andou: Well, the AV world is focused on women. On set they are the focus of everyone's attention so it's paramount that they remain in good spirits. Even when the camera's not rolling, it's the actress whom everyone obeys. Lunch is decided by her and nobody complains what type of food she opts for. If she picks Japanese food, then that's what everyone will be eating. The director and all the other staff are there to ensure she remains properly cared for in order to have a successful shoot. Thus, there may be way more men in this industry, but keeping women happy is priority number one and piggybacking on that, female staff also are treated rather well due to the same reasons. I think sexual harassment is less in the Japanese AV industry than in other industries.


WO: Alright, are there any negatives for women working in this industry?

BA: Of course there are. The outer world looks in on this industry with much prejudice. It's very difficult for women working here to tell their family and loved ones the type of company they actually work for. Then there's also the issue of watching so much sex that it numbs it to the point where lovemaking in one's private life becomes a rarity. However, not all women I work with experience this. Rather, these are examples of very isolated cases. The Japanese AV industry is one of the best examples of even playing fields for both genders and I certainly hope more women consider their hand at it in front of the camera or behind it with me.


By Yumi Kihara


(Translator's note: our apologies for the slightly shorter third part. The interview had a natural three-way split which we felt it was best to keep intact. Ban Andou definitely pointed it out, but it does almost go without saying that Japanese AV that stars women—in other words, a very sizable portion of them—always ensures their female talent is pampered and happy. Stressful sets equate to bad performances and fans can spot this from a kilometer away.)

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