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Interview with a female Japanese AV Studio CEO Part Two

Wotopi - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: September 25th, 2015

More Japanese women than ever are consuming adult video and we find out more about this with an interview with the female CEO of an AV company.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


How is my body different from hers?

Wotopi: Do women feel uncomfortable when seeing other women perform in male-oriented Japanese AV?

Shino Sugisawa: Yes, that's the reason why we produce adult video for women. Regular adult video is mainly about the act with little if any focus on the story and situation. Women are often very concerned with how the actress's body and reactions differs from hers. They'll compare things such as her heavy breathing, her facial expressions during sex, the coloring of her private parts, and more. Of course there are women who view adult video for the same reason as men: quick and simple sexual gratification. However, there are many, many women who want more from it than a simple fix.

Those wanting to see more of the naked female form rarely have chances outside of adult video. It's rare for friends to compare their bodies and generally the only time one would be able to see other people in the nude in person are at bathhouses.

Our titles at La Coviluna are less adult video and more how-to. That's what we do and it's our main focus. We produce works to quench the worries that women have difficulties expressing let alone satisfying.

WO: What kind of precautions do you take when making female-oriented adult videos?

SS: We try not to be arrogant and overbearing. We avoid saying things such as “doing this will make you happy” and “if you do that, you'll definitely feel amazing.” Everyone's different so there's no point in doling out strict lectures on how our bodies work.


WO: How do you feel about How-To adult videos?

SS: Well, there are a lot of people who now know more about themselves than they ever did before. It starts by first overwriting bad knowledge with correct knowledge. We've done titles about how to perform massages with sexual aspects that have helped immensely.


WO: You currently focus on releasing titles for women who have worries about their bodies. Do you see yourself expanding your output in the future?

SS: There are many women who are living sex-less lives. We want to produce titles directly for them. For example, we released a movie not too long ago about how to master kissing and fellatio for advanced users which should help a lot in this regard. There have been other titles like this, but all have been created for novices. With fellatio, we know some women see what's done in AV and would like a guide as to how to emulate it. They want to know more about the movements and sound needed to create a truly pleasurable experience for both her and her partner.


A How-To Introduction by La Coviluna


Something for everyone

WO: I still think there are many women out there who have never seen an adult video. How do you plan to reach them?

SS: For that we have to not only produce videos, but other types of media as well. General health media would be a start. Guides like that wouldn't have nor need any age restrictions. I don't think anything such as this is being tackled at the moment. There can be guides about sex without anything explicit shown. Of course erotic products are what we want to make, but we're not against broadening our output. A guidebook for people who have seen too much AV or have not seen any or for people who are very concerned about their bodies would be ideal. We want to make products that can be seen as the saving light for these types of people. Please check out our offerings when you have a chance. You may end up deepening the romance between you and your partner.


Written by Kei Himeno


(Translator's note: The CEO of La Coviluna makes some very good points. Although her knowledge base is mainly about the worries she has heard from Japanese females, the same almost certainly applies to western women as well. With the internet more powerful then ever, discreet viewing for both genders of consumers is easier than ever.)

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