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Nao Oikawa's BLACK DATE Part Two

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: February 7th, 2015
English Translation Published: June 26th, 2015

An uber fan of Japanese AV who just wrote a highly praised book about its actors and directors talks about his most favorite productions starring Nao Oikawa.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Osami Suzuki: Yea, he had to finish up where the real director left off. It was incredibly erotic and it was made even better by that private trip they made to the love hotel for the final scene featuring her amorously downing many chuu-hai's. Afterwords, with a single camera to record what came next, Nao Oikawa was asked to give fellatio and she did some intensity I still haven't seen equaled even to this day. It seemed like all that pent-up stress from the shoot with the original director she relieved by sucking his erection. It liberated her in more ways than one.

Company Matsuo: I can imagine.


OS: I'm not sure if it was newfound courage of the AD-turned-director...or perhaps he simply had too much to drink...but they went all the way and then some! They even had anal sex! That scene in particular was really erotic. Mr. Matsuo, how much of that scene do you think was 'scripted' and how much was real, raw emotion?

CM: The director of that title is a bit of an oddball so I wouldn't be surprised if nothing shown in it was actually planned out. I'm really surprised the AD performed well enough for anal sex.


OS: You think? Nao Oikawa's rage face was something frightful. She remembers it even today.

CM: Nao Oikawa's a really good person. Women who end up as famous as her have a tendency to become really conceited, but she's a fortunate exception. Even during that production she held her ground, didn't give up, and ensured via the support of that AD that the show did go on. I really mean this, too. It's not just an empty compliment. She's as authentically warm-hearted as they come. However, when she gets angry, she won't hide it as you saw very well during the second half of that title.


OS: I hear that. I'm not a sage when it comes to famous Japanese AV stars, but do they always become so passionate after they had a few drinks?

CM: I think what you saw with Nao Oikawa in BLACK DATE was a rarity.


(Translator's note: BLACK DATE does sound like an impressive title. The box cover art barely hints at how truly challenging this title was. It's also amazing to see a well-known Japanese AV star submit to anal sex in her prime. “Loosing one's anal virginity” is something actresses generally opt to do towards the end of their careers.)

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