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Nao Oikawa's BLACK DATE Part One

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: February 7th, 2015
English Translation Published: June 24th, 2015

An uber fan of Japanese AV who just wrote a highly praised book about its actors and directors talks about his most favorite productions starring Nao Oikawa.

Osamu Suzuki, a writer for both broadcast TV and print has published a book all about the Japanese AV industry told from the eyes of actors and directors. Due to popular demand, he is now working on a second edition. We'll now hear an exert featuring an interview with AV Director Company Matsuo about a title he simply cannot forget.


Osami Suzuki: I've always wanted to have a chance to talk to you about your work. My favorite title you directed is BLACK DATE starring Nao Oikawa. This was around the time she was most popular. In fact, not long after this she left the AV world for a rather successful career as a talent (which is still going strong as shown by her still-operating official website) and I even had the chance to interview her on my radio show. During a music break, I asked her, “There's a title you did I want to ask you about” to which she immediately replied, “I already know which one you're referring to.” She certainly has a sharp memory.

Company Matsuo: I've actually never seen BLACK DATE. Can you tell me what it's about?


OS: The premise is Nao Oikawa goes on a weekend date with the director. It takes place over two days including activities at night. What goes on are lewd activities of increasing levels of obscenity—none of which she's fond of taking part in. There's POV sex outdoors, instances where she's instructed to wear highly revealing clothing also in public, and the production was not postponed in spite of her being on her period.

CM: Oh, I know who directed that.


OS: You do? She and him did not see eye to eye. She was livid, really. I recall her demanding the director be kicked off the set. Fortunately, a lowly AD stepped in and did his best at continuing the production as it had to go on.

CM: That must have been quite a challenge.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: BLACK DATE is an old, old title. It was released in 2002 originally on VHS! However, it's worth hunting down as the reviews (which when made by anonymous Japanese fans can be brutal) are actually very good. Nao Oikawa looks the type to be great at extreme femdom, but it's always surprising seeing her take such submissive roles. She's still active as an non-AV actress even today and still uses the same stage name. Visit her official site here: )

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