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A Quick Chat About Plastic Surgery and Japanese AV Stars

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: March 25th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 11th, 2015

Plastic surgery and Japanese AV stars may be somewhat common but is it as numerous as it is in the west?

Veteran writer Gomez Yamada covers the strange and unique for the Nikkan SPA. We have a talk with him about a new Japanese AV industry trend.


Gomez Yamada: I'm seriously thinking of going into the consulting business full-time.

Nikkan SPA: How come?

GY: Well, with my connections I can be a very good middleman between the plastic surgery business and adult video stars who want it.

NS: So less 'consulting' and more of a lifestyle coordinator? It kind of sounds almost like you're pimping them off to plastic surgeons, yea?

GY: That was rude! Those in the AV industry are already frequent fliers at plastic surgery clinics. I just want to ensure they both prosper more fruitfully from this arrangement. You know, a win-win situation.

NS: Why? Why do you want that?

GY: I'd love to earn extra money on the side. I'm good at juggling various side gigs. I'd love to see the various women I work with and for happy with the results. It's all about good after service and going the extra mile. I notice as people get older, there are many more bad folk out there who are eager to take their money for little effort.

NS: How do you plan to be different?

GY: Trade secret.

NS: It sounds like you'll have your own office and be incorporating soon, yea? Is it safe to say this is less a trade secret and more of a personal one?
GY: (Ignoring our question) For the time being, I'm going to focus on matching ambitious AV stars with hungry plastic surgery clinics in Tokyo and I'll now delve more into this for SPA.


Questionable eyelid surgery in Japanese AV


We now hear from Gomez, an AV Production Company, and a Plastic Surgery Clinic.


GY: How would you say plastic surgery and Japanese AV stars are related?

AV: Well, they definitely are bedfellows to some extent. That's undeniable. The most obvious example is breast enlargement surgery. However, most of these surgeries don't even happen in Japan. Most often they go abroad to China, Korea, or Thailand.

PS: But isn't there a quality issue then at stake?

AV: I honestly haven't given the quality much thought. As long as they look good and big and are done inexpensively, then I've no complaints. You gotta take into account that the average career of an AV star is only 2 years. They just need to look good and real and last for their careers.

PS: Sorry if this sounds like a real simple question, but who pays for their surgeries?

AV: Not too many enter the AV industry with lots of cash on hand so we often foot the bill. However, when that happens we often reduce their pay slightly in order for them to pay it back.

GY: So you see new AV stars as investment opportunities? There's always a chance she could under-perform, not be that famous, or simply flee the industry prematurely.

AV: That could happen.

GY: That sounds like a hard environment for domestic plastic surgery clinics to compete in.

AV: Some Japanese clinics reduce the price if we send them patients frequently. However, this would be a tough environment for a new clinic to break into. However, aside from AV stars, there still is a growing populating of well-off older women who are very into keeping their bodies in tip-top shape.

PS: Do you think it's good then for clinics to advertise and reach out to consumers via social media like Twitter and Facebook?

AV: I think it's good to target recently retired AV stars. I'm sure many are concerned with their bodies which may appear to them as 'overused'. They'd be very keen on having elective cosmetic surgery to make themselves look appealing again.

GY: Great idea! How about you push that as your sales pitch? Make older women feel young again!

PS: Perhaps we will!


(Translator's note: Western adult video and plastic surgery is rather syonymous. Finding porn stars who are all natural (aside from those who just began their careers) is not that common. This holds double for Japanese AV, but as we see, plastic surgery does occur though its a bit more muted. It's also unique see to see how production companies and agencies may foot the some extent.)

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