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Uta Kohaku Interview Part Three

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: November 20th, 2013
English Translation Published: July 10th, 2015

Uta Kohaku whom recently retired not too long ago tells us how she became a Japanese AV star along with her love of fellatio and more.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Asagei Fuzoku: Has your AV career left you sexually fulfilled?

Uta Kohaku: More than a regular woman! However, it's hard to integrate real good sex back into my private life. I've had real boyfriends while being an adult video star, but I've found it really hard to stop focusing on my actions as if I was in the middle of a shoot. During sex, I'd be thinking of where and how powerful to squirt.


AF: I guess you can call that an occupational disease. Are there any types of sexual play you still have issues doing?

UK: POV scenes and anything where my anus is shown. They both make me feel so embarrassed! Also, I'm not too fond of when the camera is zoomed in really close to my face. I feel like the production is then totally about me and I've no idea what to do. I can make an exception though if it's like a virtual fellatio scene.


AF: It seems like you really like fellatio.

UK: I love it! I love having my mouth around them and having them so turned on they can barely make a noise. It's fun going solely by body language and it really turns me on.


AF: There must be some formidable AV actors out there.

UK: There are some huge ones. However, I prefer ones who are just average size. The perfectly-sized one are a bit thicker than my finger and not too long. I also love dicks that have big glans.


AF: You're very specific.

UK: It's the perfect size for me to lick both shaft and testicles at the same time.


AF: I think I just came.

UK: I love gulping it down when the time is right. Of course I love giving blowjobs, but I also have something of a smell fetish. Natural smelling dicks are the best. Ones that are freshly washed I'm not too fond of.

Uta Kohaku holds up a glass of semen


AF: It sounds like you old man dicks.

UK: I have no age-related prejudices.


AF: By the way, your eyes are very red today. Is there a reason why?

UK: Yes, I was in a bukkake shoot yesterday and got a lot of semen in my eyes.


AF: Seriously? Are you OK?
UK: During the shoot I was. The tension was really high so I didn't notice it. However, they kind of hurt today. We used cotton swabs to clean up after filming, but I guess we didn't get it all out.


AF: What a fighter!


(Translator's note: Although earlier on in the interview, Uta Kohaku mentioned her highly developed squirting ability, she's also known to provide incredible oral sex. A recent release on ZENRA produced by RASH showcases her impressive talents. She may be short in stature and rather flat, but she makes up for these ho-hum physical flaws with insane charisma. It is well worth your time seeing what she's capable of.)

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  • Lovecutefeet said:

    Her husband must be so lucky to serve such a spirited woman! Best wishes for the future.

    July 11th, 2015 - Reply


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