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The Daughter of an AV Director

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: March 12th, 2015
English Translation Published: May 18th, 2015

We hear a review about a popular new Japanese AV title featuring a director suffering from loan shark hell who asks his daughter for erotic aid.

Who said work and family had to be on totally different pages?  The transparency between life and employment is barely even there!

It was love at first sight when I saw the beautiful young woman adorned on the cover of 'Too pure for words:  the innocent daughter of an AV director visits a set'.  What's more, this title featured romantic relations between her and the director!  I had to see this and I couldn't wait!

It's actually a rather suspenseful production featuring a corrupt producer who sternly orders the director to call in his ultra cute 19 year-old daughter for a shoot.  She may seem adorable on the cover, but she's even better when the cameras are rolling.  She's almost fairy-like in her erotic performance.

This production wasn't some happy domestic affair.  Rather, the father—the AV director—had a serious debt payback issue and his last resort before succumbing to the true evils of loan shark hell was to get his daughter involved.  The evil producer was eager to help out and ensured she was covered head to toe in extra viscous lotion in order accentuate the salacious noises.

The extreme fingering by the cold-hearted producer left poor Emiri-chan in a frozen state of shock.  It was only around this time that the indebted director realized just how far this indecent adventure with his own daughter would go.  Emiri-chan couldn't say no—she wouldn't even dare; it's not in her innocent nature and the heavens turned away as further advances in debauchery began to take form in that brothel where dreams are shattered.

The events leading up to the main scene lasted an eternally long 40 minutes!  Granted, this was not all sex, but also was filled with dramatic encounters chock full of convincing dialog.  I felt some of the scenes were a tad unbelievable, but Emiri-chan was so cute it was truly hard to look away anytime she was on screen.

'Too pure for words:  the innocent daughter of an AV director visits a set'

The evil producer knew how to make the most of a dire situation and his legerdemain of sexual arts extended to skilled vibrator usage.  Innocent Emiri-chan soon found herself spread eagle and squirting buckets for the first time in her rather sheltered life.  No holds barred virgin-destroying intercourse quickly followed.  Seeing this pert, innocent woman defiled on camera made me really excited.  During her first bout of intercourse, she was ordered to give fellatio to a very lucky AD.  After this, the climax came into being.

Meeting with the director and distraught, the evil producer instructed Emiri-chan to drink a very potent tea with strong relaxation properties.  This was where the lewd suggestion of director coupling with daughter was planted...and was carried out with the aid of a very willing actor making it a devil's threesome like no other.

The tea made Emiri-chan in the mood like nothing else and the director with the ticking clock of nefarious debt hanging over his shoulder went to town on her spread wetness like a beast out its cage.  He was ravenous with lust and invaded her bareback.  After many thrusts with extreme urgency, he finished inside nakadashi style.  It didn't end yet as there still was the third partner in their love tryst who also went into her bare for his very own nakadashi finale.  

Both the drama and the sex in this production were beyond sufficient.  It was fun thrills all around.  I know not everyone is fans of dramatic scenes in Japanese AV, but perhaps their opinions may change after viewing 'Too pure for words:  the innocent daughter of an AV director visits a set'.

Written by Shoichi Tokorozawa
A blogger with extensive history and understanding of the Japanese adult industry.

Men's Cyzo recommends this title to readers of this article.


(Translator's note:  Shoichi sure does have nothing but good things to say about this title.  However, going by the reviews on some other sites, some users felt deceived since the box art and text seemed to hint at a daughter tentatively stepping foot into an AV career in order to help out her director father rather than a title about a timid daughter who has sex with her director father.  The differences aren't much obviously, but users can be quite fickle—especially when they can voice their comments anonymously.)

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