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Maniac AV Interview with RADIX & POOL CLUB Part Three

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: June 5th, 2015

RADIX and POOL CLUB together account for being of the largest producers of extremely bizarre Japanese AV.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Although Japan may be strict with mosaic, the actual content of AV movies seems relatively unregulated. Scat, rape, lolita, and more seem to be allowed. Do you think it's ironic how censorship is strict, but studios are allowed to produce titles without any theme restrictions?

RADIX & POOL CLUB: It's probably better to call them 'expressions' instead of themes. There's certain boundaries that even we follow. For example, dressing up a slim and small woman to appear like a grade school student is fine, but the line is crossed if you throw a grade school backpack on her. (not all Japanese AV companies agree with this and no, links will NOT be provided). This is the main gist of it, but it's actually quite hard to explain what is and isn't OK unless you're talking to someone who has been in the industry a long time.

MDD: If budget was no concern, what type of production would you like to create?
RPC: Something with real famous people.

MDD: Can you tell us what was the most extreme production you have ever worked on?
RPC: Schoolgirls masturbating via the smooth heads of bald men (will be on ZENRA in the near future), schoolgirls in gas masks (the same), homeless AV, women with full body tattoos, that teeth one POOL CLUB did recently, the 76 year-old AV star debut, the blonde English teacher, the virgin with nipple and armpit hair, semen applications (the same), farting in the nude, stark naked calligraphy, and grannies giving blowjobs for 3,000 yen.

Teeth, the Final Frontier by POOL CLUB

MDD: What genres do you think will become more popular in the near future? Which ones will become less?
RBC: I'm actually pretty into erotic anime. There's something about some of the things they do with the female body and semen that real life cannot capture yet.

MDD: Where do you see the Japanese AV industry 10 years from now?
RBC: It'll still be around and probably more mainstream. There probably will be a time not too long from now where hiding one's adult video career is not longer such a necessity.

MDD: As a Japanese AV company based in Japan and bound by censorship rules, do you feel any ill will to the recent popularity of uncensored productions?
RBC: If all you want to see are people having sex, then you should look elsewhere. RADIX and POOL CLUB are for things leagues away from normal.

MDD: Do you think rules regarding scat in AV becoming stricter? Viewing this type of content in countries like USA is a gray area, but selling it by means of credit card is not allowed.
RBC: I definitely see Japan continuing to clamp down on extreme obscenity and adult video featuring people under the legal age, but I don't see anything changing in regards to the regulation of scat.

MDD: Do you feel that being an independent AV company has given you more freedom to put your vision to film?
RBC: Yes, I think being independent is a boon for us. One of the merits of being a small, independent Japanese AV company is how quick we can churn out productions.

MDD: Lastly, any message for your foreign fans?
RBC: I hope you enjoy the output of RADIX and POOL CLUB. We make unique titles truly found nowhere else.

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