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Maniac AV Interview with RADIX & POOL CLUB Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: June 3rd, 2015

RADIX and POOL CLUB together account for being of the largest producers of extremely bizarre Japanese AV.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: I notice RADIX is offering a promotion where for only 200,000 yen (approximately $1700USD) you can direct your own AV movie. That price seems on the low side. Is there a catch?

RADIX & POOL CLUB: Yes, the price is pretty low and the reason why we can charge so little is a secret.


MDD: RADIX, in particular, also makes a lot of titles that feature scat. I have heard that frequently scat shown in Japanese AV is not real feces, but a mixture of chocolate and other things. Can you confirm?

RPC: All the feces you see in our productions are 100% real. Deceiving our fans would be sacrilege.


MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan. How do you feel about having your work properly shown on a site like ZENRA?

RPC: We're happy to have an opportunity to accurately show off our titles to a diverse foreign audience.


MDD: What kind of titles do you see yourself producing some years from now?
RPC: Everyday we think about the kind of titles we haven't done yet and the kind of titles even we feel some trepidation about producing. These are what we hope to push out in the future.


MDD: Any interesting stories on set?

RPC: We sometimes have actresses whom have extreme difficulties defecating when the cameras are rolling. Some even opt for harder rape play to put them in the mood to pass a deuce. It seems like performing this natural act of waste disposal can be rather trying for some.


MDD: I frequently receive email from English-speaking fans of Japanese AV who would love to be in a shoot. How can they go about taking part?

RPC: They sure can. Please fill out an application on our homepage. (No mention was made for requiring certain visa statuses so those simply visiting Japan may have a shot at appearing in an AV title! If you do not speak Japanese well, contact My Dearest Desire and we may be able to contact them on your behalf!)

Another fine production with bandaged Japanese women by POOL CLUB (will be on ZENRA later this year!)

MDD: Seriously, where does RADIX & POOL CLUB get their ideas from?

RPC: We have planning meetings over many drinks at izakaya. We feel like rowdy students still stuck in puberty during these sessions.


MDD: Do you think being bound by mosaic regulation helps or hurts Japanese AV?

RPC: I think mosaic helps one expand their power of imagination and makes one more determined to get out there and see that part of a woman in the real. Because of this, it's not entirely a bad thing.


MDD: Can you tell us the process you undergo when planning and shooting a production? Does it differ from other production companies?
RPC: I'm pretty sure our creation to release method is the same as anywhere else. One big difference is perhaps our reliance on directors directly on our payroll versus other companies that frequently hire freelance directors.


MDD: What are the reactions AV stars have when you approach them with the idea of appearing in one of your titles?
RPC: Many actually are turned on by the prospect of appearing in such strange titles. I guess there are many strange women out there.


To be concluded...

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