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COLLECTOR, Where Maniac AV is Most Alive Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 9th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 9th, 2015

COLLECTOR, one of the most infamous Japanese AV production companies of recent memory takes part an exclusive interview.

When it comes to truly twisted Japanese AV, make a stop at COLLECTOR. Strongly inspired by the legacy of the infamous BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING, COLLECTOR has been in the business of producing extreme maniac AV for over a decade. Rather than pump out multiple titles a month, COLLECTOR is more of a boutique label that focuses all their efforts on just one. Their first claim to fame was public nudity—and not solely woman-naked-in-empty-field flicks, but full-on couples having sex in the middle of a crowded station. Now they have branched out under the COLLECTOR label to truly extreme movies with our partner only being able to showcase a small collection due to strict billing regulations regarding exceptionally extreme content. Group 'events' are the norm and you'll have to see it to believe it. What goes down is not for the weak and only those with strong stomachs should visit their homepage.


After meeting the minds behind COLLECTOR in Tokyo earlier this year, My Dearest Desire has been granted an exclusive interview with this novel Japanese AV production company whose output is significantly beyond extreme.


My Dearest Desire: What is COLLECTOR and what makes it unique?

COLLECTOR: We make titles that other production companies wouldn't even dream of making.


MDD: When did COLLECTOR begin?

COL: 2004.


MDD: You make very extreme titles. Some feature very realistic depictions of rape. Can you tell us what the vibe is on set in between takes?

COL: Our sites are quite perilous places and some of our titles feature incredibly forceful situations. That being said, we do have a slew of 'safe words' to use when the situation becomes too rough.


MDD: COLLECTOR features some very audacious public nudity movies. How did they come about? How do you organize something like the ekiben scene?

COL: The director of that title is a fan of the song Yuurakuchou de Aimashou so he wanted to do a quick scene at the famous bus stop. Risks were something he cared little about.


MDD: It seems like really daring public nudity is less common now in Japanese AV than it was a decade ago. Did anything change? Are laws stricter now?

COL: A few things changed since then. First, with the terrorism abroad beginning early last decade, surveillance even in Japan has increased making it harder for those fond of public nudity to act out their hobby. There's also the fact that most everyone nowadays owns a phone with a camera built-in so there is a real risk of having footage from a public nudity shoot secretly taken and quickly uploaded to the internet without proper precaution. Once upon a time shooting these types of scenes even in crowded areas was relatively low-risk, but unfortunately times have changed and technology has caught up.

MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan.

COL: It's still a firmly-rooted belief in Japan that the way things are done here are totally different than anywhere else. Many still think that foreigners just wouldn't understand and this is one of the things that has led to Japan's infamous Galapagos syndrome.


MDD: Where do you see COLLECTOR in a few years from now? What kind of titles will you be making?

COL: Probably the same as what we're already making now: realistic depictions (known in Japanese AV lingo as 'document AV' versus 'drama AV' which contains something of a story and lines of dialog that must be memorized) of the other side of human sexuality.


MDD: Rather than pump out multiple titles a month, COLLECTOR seems to focus all their efforts on one not even monthly. Do you think it is better for AV companies to focus more on a lower number of quality titles?

COL: Quite often labels that give themselves monthly quotes of titles and end up pumping out releases that they don't care too much for. COLLECTOR, on the other hand, focuses all our efforts into producing one extremely unique and well-planned title at a time. It's very easy for labels to release multiple titles a month that are nothing but people simply having sex. This is a mindset that we fortunately do not subscribe to.


To be continued...

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