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TANBIKAI, Where Nose Torture is Most Alive, the Interview Part 1

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: May 11th, 2015

An exclusive interview with the original Japanese nose torture BDSM AV production company TANBIKAI.

Translated to English as A Meeting of Aesthetics, TANBIKAI , run by EIZOH CHIBA is a very long-running—if not the longest running—Japanese AV production company that specializes in highly specific maniac movies. TANBIKAI releases about one movie a month and has done so since the late 90's and now boasts an impressive archive of CMNF (clothed male naked female) bondage and S&M titles numbering well over 200. EIZOU CHIBA's approach to the treatment of his voluntary female captors is much more caring than the rape-like vibes other producers of Japanese S&M AV often showcase. Here, the female stars of each production truly enjoy being the objects of play. First, they lose their dignity with nasal teasing expansion, then with stripping followed by hot wax, and even the occasional enema leading to something even more profound., our affiliated website, will start featuring TANBIKAI productions beginning in May.


Read on for our exclusive interview with TANBIKAI's EIZOH CHIBA...


My Dearest Desire: What is TANBIKAI and what makes it unique?

Eizoh Chiba of Tanbikai: I think it's less about TANBIKAI being unique and more about being the pioneers in this line of adult video. My policy is to produce movies that no other adult video maker has done. However, I do sometimes see other Japanese AV production companies make similar titles as mine...


MDD: How long have you been producing AV?

ECT: Since about 1995. I used to write for a Japanese S&M magazine called SNIPER. There amongst other responsibilities, I covered S&M events. Fans frequently contacted me wanting to see what I wrote about in video form so I decided try my hand at producing some.

MDD: So why the nose?

ECT:  I actually had no interest in nose teasing for the first 10 years of my career in the Japanese adult industry.  However--and it came on suddenly--I began to find myself aroused when seeing women with nostrils outwards and upwards as it looked so incredibly embarrassing.  This also was around the time when a women who loved having her nose teased took part in one of my productions.  I feel the ultimate in disgrace and embarrassment for a woman is when her nose is being teased.  Also, some women say they get turned on when the inside of their nostrils are touched and licked. 

MDD: TANBIKAI makes a lot of titles that feature scat. I have heard that frequently scat shown in Japanese AV is not real feces, but a mixture of chocolate and other things. Can you confirm?

ECT: All the scat in TANBIKAI productions is 100% real. The last thing I'd ever want to do is deceive our fan base by using props. Sometimes actresses are unable to defecate during production and if that happens, then that's that (please note all the TANBIKAI movies on do NOT feature any scat due to strict western billing rules).


MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan. How do you feel about having your work properly shown on a site like ZENRA?

ECT: I have a feeling there are many people living abroad who either like Japanese S&M already or will as soon as they are gently introduced to it. I recall seeing an S&M show in Belgium that had over 200 very devout people in attendance which blew me away. Unfortunately, it still seems like the S&M worlds of the East and West are so far apart which is something I hope becomes less of an issue as time goes by.


To be continued...

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