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Interview with Ganari Takashi: What's Next For AV? Part 3

Weekly Playboy - Original Japanese Date: July 11th, 2014
English Translation Published: April 20th, 2016

Ganari Takahashi is the ultra charismatic head of one of the largest Japanese AV companies and his mind is picked in this three part interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


WP: For example?

GT: It's OK for employees to make mistakes. It's also time to stop treating the talent like royalty. They are not high-priced sashimi needing overly special care. Let's not shove them into bland sex productions and hope star power results in a few sales. We can do better! People are scared of failure so you're seeing less and less unique productions in favor of boring sex.


WP: Well, everybody is scared of messing up.

GT: You—and everyone else—has to get over the fear to fail. We at SOD have an environment set up where it's OK to think out of the box and we support our sub-labels who try to attempt new things. We spend hundreds of millions of yen a year in order to make this a reality in the form of great titles.


WP: Most Japanese AV production companies would kill for a budget like that.

GT: The market for AV is shrinking. Less titles are being released. Being profitable is still a thing for many, but you're starting to see the stress show in the titles. I never though of seeing red when I first started this company. I just was intrigued by AV and grabbed the reigns of inspiration and as long as there are people wanting to try their all at making really innovative titles, I'll be there to give support. During my absence, Soft on Demand wasted way too much money on less than stellar ideas and I'm here to make amends to that.


WP: Do you want to regain what you have lost financially?
GT: What I want now more than anything else is people with truly novel ideas about eroticism. These people need to be cocksure in their direction and will not shatter under pressure. I'm here to give new directors the chance to shine! I learned from the best during my time on network TV and know it's not about being a genius, but simply having the endurance which leads to success. This is what you'll experience and learn from being an assistant director for many years which is part of my life story.


WP: Being in AV nowadays is quite a challenge.

GT: There's a lot to contend for now in the face of all the free movies on the internet.


WP: Do you think those free sites will conquer AV?

GT: Go ahead and watch all the free porn you want. You'll see happens to our industry in a few years from now.


(Translator's note: This was a great interview in that the brain of one of Japan's AV leading figures was picked, but it's frustrating how the most pressing factor—the real future of Japanese adult video—was only mentioned briefly at the end. The access to free movies on the internet is a major problem and most Japanese production companies seem to do nothing but stick their heads in the sand while occasionally coming up for air to complain about it. As long as studios do not make serious efforts to partner up with various foreign businesses for licensing their movies abroad, financial risk is a serious threat. The foreign market is not friendly to the high-priced pay-per-title approach Japanese AV is based upon and there may come a time sooner than later where big AV companies may have to capitulate to foreign interests or shut their doors.)

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