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Woman Excretion Family Group aka HAISETSU Interview Part 4

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: April 6th, 2015

A fantastic and highly detailed interview with a very unique producer of maniac Japanese AV movies.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Where do you see the Japanese AV industry 10 years from now?

HAISETSU: I already think Japanese AV has declined a lot since 10 years past and unfortunately think it still has more eroding to do in the next decade. Copyright and patrolling the internet is a major issue. In this environment it's hard to expand as a producer of Japanese AV. There's also more and more young people in Japan who try to pinch every penny. It's not totally their fault. Modern Japan has not been to kind to its youth and they're being paid much less now than their parents were in the past. Because of this, they'd rather watch adult video for free than paying for it. There are still customers out there who do value our products and pay for it, but the habit of watching gratis is becoming a serious issue. I hope the people in charge of making the best of Japanese society put more power and freedoms back into the hands of youth so we can get out of this rut. In terms of where I see Japanese AV 10 years now on a more technical level, I bet the picture quality will be better with even more elements of realism and of course more focus on unique fetishes such as what HAISETSU produces.


MDD: As a Japanese AV company based in Japan and bound by censorship rules, do you feel any ill will to the recent popularity of uncensored productions?

HAI: It certainly frees up a lot of time in post-processing (mosaic application for Japanese AV movies generally costs approximately $300USD for a 2 hour production). However, since we're based in Japan, we must follow the laws here. The last thing we want to do is stand out in all the wrong ways. We're happy that many people across the world find Japanese AV to best their most treasured avenue of adult entertainment consumption in spite of the mosaic used. We're well aware that those watching abroad and at home would prefer no censorship at all.


MDD: Do you think rules regarding scat in AV becoming stricter? Viewing this type of content in countries like USA is a gray area, but selling it by means of credit card is not allowed.

HAI: Japan's a pretty tolerant country so I think we're fine there. However, it's always possible Japan can follow the trends set by other countries. Of course we're definitely against scat being outlawed. It's something everyone on this planet does and scat productions are victim-less. We find it wrong to compare what we produce to rape movies since the latter involves simulated violence which we wholeheartedly agree is not a good thing. Women using the bathroom in solo environments is completely voluntary and harmless and many people nationwide share this belief. I don't see scat ever being outlawed here in Japan like it is elsewhere.


MDD: Do you feel that being an independent AV company has given you more freedom to put your vision to film?

HAI: There are many independent AV makers in Japan that pretty much do what they want without being bound to some arbitrary hierarchy of production companies. We're glad to be part of this where the only limits are our own imaginations.


MDD: HAISETSU movies are unique in that they are not overtly sexual. Women do get naked and there are closeups of genitalia, but actual acts of sexuality are almost never performed. Is this intentional? Do you ever plan on including harder productions in the future?

HAI: For fans of what we do, our productions are already erotic enough. We produce titles for people who are sexually aroused by the sight of women defecating, farting, and urinating. For those looking for something harder, we recommend looking elsewhere as we plan to continue to filming only in our aforementioned fetishes. There are many other Japanese AV production companies that produce more explicit titles and there are also brothels aplenty to act them out in person. HAISETSU is here to satisfy the cravings of a certain subset of perverted fans. If this describes yourself, then please take a look at our offerings.

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