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Woman Excretion Family Group aka HAISETSU Interview Part 2

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: April 1st, 2015

A fantastic and highly detailed interview with a very unique producer of maniac Japanese AV movies.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Can you tell us any interesting stories on set?

HAISETSU: I can clean up urine faster than anyone else I know. A floor covered in urine is not only unsanitary, but causes the actresses who created it much embarrassment so my cleaning skills are thorough and lightning quick. I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make this a reality.


MDD: We frequently receive email from English-speaking fans of Japanese AV who would love to be in a shoot. How can they go about taking part?

HAI: We're open to anyone who has a decent understanding of Japanese, can behave well on set, and is a little bit perverted. If this applies to you, then feel free to contact us (Since HAISETSU does not have English-speaking support, either contact them directly in Japanese at or contact MDD support in English via the contact form on the right side of this page).


MDD: Where does HAISETSU get its ideas from?

HAI: We create productions that we'd love to see ourselves. Our maniac fetishes are one in the same as our customer base. We also reach out to our fans and are all ears to any ideas they may have.


Amateur Japanese woman measures her pee.


MDD: Do you think being bound by mosaic regulation helps or hurts Japanese AV?

HAI: On one hand, applying mosaic is a very time-consuming process. However, it does make one's imagination work harder envisioning those questionably obscene areas that need to be lawfully covered which isn't necessarily a bad thing (the mosaic used in a lot of HAISETSU's productions is actually very light by industry standards.). It's hard to really say that having mosaic is a plus for adult video in Japan, but at the very least it does provide more employment options for those looking to enter the industry. Nevertheless, we are considering ways to circumvent mosaic regulations while still adhering to Japanese law.

MDD: Can you tell us the process you undergo when planning and shooting a production?

HAI: Sure, it goes from imagination → planning → budget allocation → filming → editing → release. Our main director, Benzou Sanuntei, is the one who oversees all productions by HAISETSU including finding the appropriate actresses. This makes for a very smooth process since the same person is overseeing pretty much everything. A big difference between us and other Japanese AV production companies is we mostly film amateur models instead of big name stars. This makes for easier and less time-consuming shoots. It's also easier to convince a true blue amateur to use the bathroom on camera as most AV stars opt not to appear in these types of titles. It takes a certain type of bona-fied embarrassment that only amateur actresses have when being filmed while using the bathroom. The reactions of the women appearing in our titles are genuine and hard for an experienced actress to believably emulate.


MDD: What are the reactions AV stars have when you approach them with the idea of appearing in an scat title?

HAI: As noted above, the reactions of most amateur actresses not used to what we produce is one of first. Some can't believe what we're requesting of them and walk out. Those belonging to agencies also may appear willing to appear in our work, but their management and what we do sometimes do not see eye to eye. Although we at HAISETSU do not produce any titles that deal with the actual eating or rubbing of feces over oneself or a partner, titles that deal with defecation are not seen in the best of ways in the general Japanese AV industry. Because of this, finding talent can be tricky at times.


To be continued...

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