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How Can You Date an Idol?

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 24th, 2014
English Translation Published: April 27th, 2015

Dating Japanese idols is generally an impossible feat but one such normal fan tells us how one can succeed in achieving their dreams.

The ears (and more...) of men across Japan perked up when hearing about some of the illicit dating happening in the ranks of AKB48's rival idol unit, the Nogizaka46. News of this scandal broke hard and fast and became a fixture in the tabloids near instantly. Men now know being intimate with their favorite idols is an actuality rather than just a forbidden fantasy. Let's find out more about how to make this a reality!

The risks and realities of pure love with Japanese Idols

Today we talk with X-san, a gentleman with the fortunate luck of having dated 3 or 4 actual Japanese idols. His method for idols is quite similar to that of wooing women who work as hostesses: you have to become an extremely valued customer.

The first thing you need to do is become more than just another face in the crowd at live shows. You also need to really leave an an impact during those handshake events where you and her only spend maybe 30 seconds together. One way is to attend both events as often as possible. You want to become one of her regulars and win or lose, you will be spending lots of money.”

X-san walks the walk and has been known to buy in upwards of 100,000 yen (approximately $1000USD) of goods at these types of events—right in front of the eyes of his target idol. This leads to a greater respect of him from her point of view as he displayed his deep pockets and financial dedication to her career.

However, you can't move too quickly with these else she'll just think you're some random rich guy who's always very free with his money. Buy a lot maybe once or so and disappear for a while from her events. This will surprise her for sure as she'll wonder where you went off to.”

On top of this buy-big-and-vanish strategy, X-san also makes himself known on Twitter. He'll always follow his idols and often use this digital method to continue communication. He's even receiving the private email addresses and phone numbers of sought after idols...directly from them.

I always have the mindset that I'm a huge fan of theirs and am never shy to express it both online and in person. I'll sometimes push for their contact info and sometimes will luck out. Many do not want to lose the opportunity that a heavy-user customer such as myself can provide. From this point on, the relationship is somewhat similar to courting a Japanese hostess with dates of increasing levels of intimacy.”

You'll need a financial war chest to make your Japanese idol-dating dreams something more tangible, but as shown by X-san, even normal folk stand a chance at attaining glory.


(Translator's note: even for foreign readers out there, X-san's methods are certainly feasible. It takes skill, dedicated, and of course a nice amount of money, but dating an idol—or a hostess can be done. You'll also need some patience and be willing to face lots of rejection. Don't give up though.)

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