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Japanese Idols Dating Fans? Part One

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 28th, 2015

Japanese idols have always had to follow strict rules about staying pure and boyfriend-free, but things are slowly but surely changing.

There was a scandal not long ago about Japanese idols breaking the iron-clad rules of their contract by going on dates. Who were those lucky guys and can our readers at home ever become one? From what we seen, the nights of romance of these beautiful women are not totally forbidden. Let's find out more how to make our wildest dreams a bit closer to that of the real!

A look into the over-saturation of Japanese idols in relation to romantic relationships.

'Japanese idols are forbidden from dating while on contract' are the rules of the road for AKB48 though its becoming less enforced as of late. We're beginning to see more and more Japanese idols who cannot keep their passions tamed to such an extreme degree for so long.

There are also alternate idol groups that are based on anything but the goody two-shows image like The Margarines, an all-female outfit consisting of members bonded together to payback financial debt (totaling about $106,000USD). The eccentric female personality, Kayoko Oukubo is their general manger and is pushing them as the new face of the Japanese idol industry.

Akino Fujiwara, one of the younger members of the group talks more about the unique lack of rules within The Margarines: “There are no dating rules. The reasoning is that our manager is actually quite fond of riding the waves of the scandals. She even told us she won't bat an eye at us softly 'sleeping' our way up the ladder to being debt-free.”

Kanami Yoda, also in the idol unit, continues: “Since we're all in debt, we feel this idol gig is our last chance. Our life struggles and love lives are intermingled as we strive to live up to Oukubo-san's expectations.”

Could this mean members of The Margarines would date fans who could help ease them out of debt?


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: don't get your hopes up. The young women in Japan who end up becoming idols lead lives that are both extremely busy and extremely sheltered. Even AKB48, which is all about the girl next door, is anything but in reality. Even handshake events are closely monitored and secured—especially due to the recent attack on one of their own. Finding time to slip a business card with your phone number on it is nigh on impossible.)

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