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Dry Orgasms with the CORE FAN Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: May 25th, 2015

Introducing the CORE FAN by A-ONE, a pleasure toy for men that is all about pleasurably stimulating the taint and inducing dry orgasms.

Men out there may be familiar with how important a Flesh Light is for their active night lives. However, the design has essentially remained unchanged since its inception leaving the makers of such pleasure devices in something of a rut. A-One, a long-standing Japanese maker of adult toys has listened to the demands of their large and demanding user base and released a new output of solo male pleasure: the CORE FAN.

The CORE FAN is affixed between one's anus and testicles and acts as a vibrator all along the taint. This sensation travels from between one's legs and also envelops the prostate making for very pleasant feelings. This is quite possibly the first adult toy ever that focuses solely on the taint. This unique device also makes it possible for men to also achieve dry orgasms. A dry orgasm is something women occasionally experience when they feel a pleasant sensation over their entire body. Until now, men who can achieve dry orgasms were far and few, but the CORE FAN may help make this phenomenon a lot less rare. We had a chat with a representative from A-One about this ground-breaking adult pleasure toy:

Men's Cyzo: Taint stimulation is not something heard about that often. Where did you get the idea to develop the CORE FAN?

A-One: The Flesh Light ('woman hole' in Japanese) started a trend that continues even today with adult toys oriented for men. However, on one hand they are easy to make, but they're all pretty much the same. In order to jump ahead of users of such toys who may be tiring of the same old thing, we went ahead and put extensive R&D into creating the CORE FAN. There already were toys that stimulated the nipples and anus so we took the middle ground by waging war on the taint. Anal pleasure for men can be very exotic and has scared off many a gentleman who may have considered it, but is too nervous to actually stick anything into there. The CORE FAN was created partly to satisfy the needs and desires of this type of respected customer.


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Written by Kossetsu Hazakura


(Translator's note: On top of the CORE FAN, A-One makes a whole range of really unique adult toys. Their site may be banner hell, but the images speak for themselves. Another unique pleasure toy they make is the BLACK LOCK which appears to be two small vibrators affixed underneath one's glans A-One generally is a Japan-only manufacturer, but if you are interested in making a bulk purchase, do not hesitate to contact My Dearest Desire as we may be able to contact them on your behalf.)

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